College Council

Meeting Notes 

April 14, 2016

Present: Cruz, Epps, Espinosa-Pieb, Hunter, Kandula, Lara, Lee-Wheat, Markus, Maynard, Murphy, Newell, Rigsby, Tomaneng, Trosper, Zarate


College Council introduced themselves and welcomed the new DASB President, Matthew Zarate, Executive VP, Stephanie Rigsby and Keith Lara, Students Rights & Services. The DASB officers were sworn in on April 8, 2016 and their term is for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Approval of Minutes

College Council approved the meeting minutes of March 10, 2016.

IEPI 6-year Indicators

Newell shared the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) – long and short-term indicators. IEPI is intended to advance institutional effectiveness of California Community Colleges and reduce accreditation sanctions and audit issues. Our report is due to the State in June.

The College Planning Committee developed a set of metrics incorporating educational master plan, IEPI and accreditation in response to the IEPI requirements. The metrics are not new but representation of our Educational Master Plan metrics and goals. Each IEPI metric was set at the Master Plan goal rate.  

A full report of the metrics can be accessed here:

Accreditation Updates

Newell shared where we are in regards to accreditation. In February she visited groups that have been assigned accreditation standards and provided training. The CPC developed monthly goals for each group; in February groups were assigned teams and trained; in March groups developed timelines, plans for completion and assigned responsibilities while in April groups are to review the accreditation matrix and begin entering information. This process will be completed in December 2016 with the full draft of the self-study report.

Kudos to the Finance & College Operations PBT and Learning Resources for completing the most items for February and March. President Murphy also recognized Newell for her continuing and stellar efforts with our accreditation process.

District Mission Statement

David Ulate presented the original district mission statement and two recent versions being reviewed. The district is working on revising the district mission and strategic plan which is mandated by the accreditation process. The first version includes the original statement with an addendum for baccalaureate degrees.

The Chancellor’s Advisory Committee brainstormed and included language about equity, student engagement, sustainability, community service, and core values. Discussion followed regarding citizenry, workforce, accessibility vs. affordability, and action vs. passive verbs. 

David welcomed suggestions from college council via email.

Open Items & Quick News

  • April 19: DASB President, Matthew Zarate will be speaking at the San Jose City Council regarding rent control.
  • April 30: College Open House for New Students including orientation and counseling sessions
  • May 13: Classified Professional Retreat in Campus Center

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