Meeting Notes 

March 9, 2017

3:30 - 5:00 pm

Members present: Bryant, Cook, Cruz, Espinosa-Pieb, Grey, Hansen, Hunter, Joseph, Kandula, Newell, Nguyen, Norte, Ranck, Spatafore, Subramaniam, Trosper

Guests: Andrade, Quinn, Santa Ana

Approval of Minutes 

The minutes of February 9, 2017 were approved.

Facilities Master Plan Statement

Grey reviewed the proposed statement presented to the Board of Trustees in August, 2016 that if Flint Center should be retrofitted/demolished, this would be preferred location for the Arts Center and new Student Services Building. The Board was not in support of the preferred location. As a result, the Facilities Planning Committee revisited and reaffirmed in February that this is the preferred location and is bringing to College Council for approval at this meeting. If we were to move forward with a bond, the Board of Trustees would still need to reaffirm the statement. College Council approved the planning statement/document.

IPBT Updates

Dean of Learning Resources & Equity Office Changes

Discussion followed regarding the Faculty Director position of Equity returning to full-time teaching within the ICS/IS Division. This is made possible by the repurposing of the former Dean of Learning Resources vacancy. The responsibilities of the Director, Equity, Multicultural and Social Justice have grown significantly over the last five years and is more an administrative position. The proposed Dean of Equity & Engagement would be responsible for Student Success & Retention, LinC, Honors, Student Success Center, VIDA, Equity and cohort programs. Reference the Draft Organization Chart for a delineation of responsibilities.

Questions raised included the short/long term vision for the position, Academic Senate’s response, and Hansen’s questions/concern of moving a FTEF position to a teaching position in another division. Visitors from the Office of Equity provided comments about the importance of the Dean’s position while Bryant endorsed the IPBT process of faculty rankings. Discussion included the importance of continuing the existing work, supporting and facilitating programs.

A motion to approve the recommendation of the IPBT to repurpose the former Dean of Learning Resources position with a commitment to replace the Faculty Director position for the Office of Equity, Social Justice and Multicultural Education as soon as a growth position becomes available. College Council approved the motion.

Strong Workforce and Instructional Equipment Initiatives

The intent of the Strong Workforce Program is to improve the quality and quantity of CTE in California community colleges. For 2016-17 the college received a total of $1.3M for CTE programs meeting criteria based on enrollment, job demand, growth and unemployment rates. There was a short turnaround from November to January when our plan was submitted the CCC Chancellor’s Office. The IPBT reviewed our programs and 19 of 20 were awarded funding, of which $900,000 needs to be spent by Spring. Monies will ongoing for the next two years and the process will begin again.

The majority of the funding was allocated for the purchase of instructional equipment, in anticipation of hiring in future years. The focus will be on positions and programs, needs in the community, and a liaison position to network in the community.

College Council approved the IPBT recommendation to move forward in spending the workforce and instructional equipment dollars, for specific programs.

Adult Ed Block Grant

Thomas Ray prepared a proposal whereby $108,000 was allocated for Adult Education and a MOU in hiring a tenured-track Outreach Counselor to ease the transition to college. The allocation is from the State and is not a grant funded position. Discussion followed regarding the use of dollars, ESL adult learners, and the reporting relationship to Language Arts. The goal is to transition adult learners to college and connect them to our programs (Health Technologies, ESL, Auto Tech and Accounting), and eventually growing enrollment.

College Council approved the recommendation of the IPBT for the expenditures to hire an Outreach Counselor for the Adult Ed Block Grant.  

Quick news & Updates

  • Trosper – Track & Field event Friday, March 10 from 10 am to 5 pm – we have some incredible student athletes.
  • Kudos to those who organized the SLO Convocation (Lee Wheat, Lily, Argabrite, Pape) etc.
  • Congratulations to Subramaniam, a League of Innovation awardee. Spatafore mentioned an article would be forthcoming about the winners: Outreach Team, Manny da Silva. The League for Innovation meeting is next week in San Francisco.
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