Meeting Notes 

December 3, 2015

4:00 - 5:00 pm

Attending: Bryant, Cook, Cruz, Espinosa-Pieb, Glapion, Kandula, Markus, Spatafore, Tomaneng

Voting In absentia: Hunter, Maynard, Norte, Subramaniam, Tomaneng, Trosper

Visiting: Ly

Quorum Discussion: Associate Vice Presidents serve in an advisory role but are not voting elected members of College Council.

Cruz led members of College Council in a moment of silence to acknowledge the recent tragedies in San Bernadino.

Approval of Minutes

The College Council meeting minutes of October 22, 2015 and November 19, 2015 were approved,

IPBT Faculty Ranking Outcome

Espinosa-Pieb presented the findings from the IPBT work on the Faculty Rankings for 2016-2017. Of 33 positions ranked we received funding to hire 18 faculty positions (12 from growth and 6 from retirements). The faculty positions were evaluated by enrollment, FT vs. PT positions, FT FTEF, # of Sections, and Success from 2012 to 2015. The review process is very comprehensive and transparent. The difference between the Instructional Deans and Instructional Planning & Budget team rankings included an Accounting and Art position vs. a Reading and ESL position in the final ranking outcome.

College Council unanimously approved the Faculty Rankings for 2016-2017.

*Additional information regarding the faculty hiring outcome analysis can be found on the Instructional Planning & Budget Team

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