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DRAFT Notes June 20, 2019

Approve the Notes from April 25, 2019

The April 25, 2019 notes were approved

Student Voices in Governance Presentation

Rex Zhang & Genevieve Kolar from DASB presented their  Student Voices in Governance Presentation.

College Council Governance Assessment Survey

Newell guided the group through completing the governance assessment survey.

Starting in Spring 2016, each shared governance group was asked to annually reflect on their processes through three targeted questions. The results of the reflections are published annually in the Educational Master Plan Update and help inform the college's planning processes. The questions replaced an older Annual Governance Assessment Survey.

Question 1. Reflecting on the work of your governance group over the past year, how did this work help fulfill our mission, values, strategic initiatives, Institutional Core Competencies, and commitment to equity?

College Council approved the budget recommendations from the PBTs which were developed under the purview of the college mission and values. College Council supported the actions of the budget committees. The committee reviewed and approved the student equity plan and had discussions around the metrics and their implications for student success.

Question 2. Reflecting on your governance group’s processes and practices over the past year, please identify what has been working and what changes you plan to implement over the next academic year to ensure continuous improvement.

College Council made changes to its meeting schedule from bi-monthly to as-needed. The meeting schedule will continue to be reviewed, the meetings will be pre-scheduled, at least one per quarter, and anticipate times of the year when more than one meeting may be needed. Another possibility is to schedule a meeting once a month and cancel if it is not needed. Providing a mentor to the DASB representatives to help them transition onto the committee. Continue to have standing items where the PBTs report out on their items at each meeting.

Question 3. Reflecting on your groups’ ability to disseminate information to its stakeholders, what are some strengths and weaknesses in regards to ensuring that all stakeholders are informed of the committee’s activities, processes, policies and decisions? How can you improve your process for information dissemination next year?  

College Council determined that if meetings are scheduled monthly (but cancelled if not needed) the stakeholder groups can plan for when information needs to be shared with College Council. Stakeholders will continue to report back to their constituency groups the discussion and decisions of the group. With the website updates the agendas and meeting minutes are accessible and available. The web team is working on updates to the website to help make information more accessible to the public regarding meeting minutes and agendas. There was a recommendation to look into BoardDocs for meeting minutes, etc. DASB has proposed a best practices guide which calls out their commitment to stronger student representation on the committee to ensure student voice is at the table and reported back to the senators.

IPBT Viability Committee Recommendations

Pape and Ranck presented the instructional planning and budget team viability committee recommendations

On June 5, 2018 IPBT approved the following:

  • Music – elimination of AA and ADT. Phase out degree/certificate programs
  • Paralegal – phasing out and elimination of the program

Pape reported that Viability committee met and had presentations from music and paralegal programs showing their plan of action for improvement.

Viability Recommendation – Music:   Continuance through Winter 2020 based on the presented plan of action and additional measures

Viability Recommendation – Paralegal:  Continuance through Winter 2020 based on the presented plan of action and additional measures

On June 18, 2019, IPBT mutually agreed and voted: MUSI and PARA to continue through winter and to be reviewed again, look at the enrollment for spring and fall schedule.

After a comprehensive discussion the item was approved.

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