College Council

DRAFT Notes November 14, 2019

Welcome & Introductions

Espinosa-Pieb and Chow welcomed the members to College Council. Each person introduced themselves and stated the constituent group they represent

Review Charge

Chow & Espinosa-Pieb requested the group review the charge of College Council.

Approve the Minutes from June 20, 2019

The notes from June 20, 2019 were approved.

Facilities Master Plan Update

Grey presented the Facilities Master Plan Draft update document for the group to review, discuss and approve. The draft supports the exploration and discussion of on-campus housing as part of the Facilities Master Plan update. The Facilities Master Plan full update is scheduled to begin in 2020. The Facilities Master Plan 2016 - 2021 is being updated due to recent events regarding the Flint Center space and in response to current needs and strong support for housing. The current Facilities Master Plan makes no mention of housing. The 2019 update includes options for housing and event space that would be consistent with the equity-based principles adopted in the 2016 plan. Principles include: “replace inefficient and under-performing facilities”; “improve facilities to support innovation and equity”; and “develop flexible, multipurpose facilities to adapt over time.”

Grey explained that the Facilities Master Plan is the overarching planning document that guides the college when opportunities to renovate / replace facilities become available. The addition of housing in the plan does not stipulate any particular funding sources e.g.  public/private partnership and/or tax based revenue income streams. The district is currently investigating public/private partnerships for the Flint center space. In response to Sheli Michael (the DASB president) recommendation that the update say "affordable housing" Espinosa-Pieb and Grey explained that the use of the word 'housing' is strategic as it has a broad meaning which allows for the college to explore all options. Using more defined words such as "affordable housing" or "below market rate housing" would be too restrictive for the purpose of the Facilities Master Plan. Once research around the visioning of the space has been performed, more detailed language will be incorporated into the project to more closely identify the requirements of the spaces. Michael stated that she would like students to attend every participatory governance meeting that had a facilities master plan agenda item. The co-chairs supported Michael's statement and strongly encouraged student participation. Espinosa-Pieb & Grey assured the members that whatever structure/s are constructed in the Flint center area, it would be in the best interests of the district.  After more discussion the Facilities Master Plan Update was unanimously approved. It would now be placed on the December Board agenda for review and approval.

PBT Updates

APBT: Grey reported that the group reviewed the facilities master plan update and the profit and loss statements for the Bookstore and Dining Services.

IPBT: Pape reported that the group were working on resource allocations and program review updates.

SSPBT: Mieso reported that the group had updated its membership and reviewed the facilities master plan.

DASB Update: Genevieve Kolar (DA student trustee) strongly encouraged faculty, staff and administrators to attend the special board meeting on November 25 at 6pm in the Foothill campus dining room to support the students in advocating for a bond or parcel tax to be placed on the March 2020 ballot.

Quick News: The Environmental Sciences Department and the Biological Health and Environmental Sciences Division are hosting a campus wide presentation and panel discussion called "Truth in Action- The Reality of Climate Change" in conjunction with the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Climate Reality Project. The Climate Reality Project was founded by former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore. Date: Wednesday, November 20, 2019. Time: 9:30 a.m.-Noon.Location: Conference Rooms A&B, Campus Center.  For every person in attendance, the Climate Reality Project partners will plant a tree!

Attendees: Anita Muthyala-Kandula, Christina Espinosa-Pieb, Edmundo Norte, Genevieve Kolar, Heidi King, Karen Chow, Lorrie Ranck, Mae Lee, Marilyn Booye, Marisa Spatafore, Mary Pape, Maya Burns, Michele LeBleu-Burns, Moaty Fayek, Paige Wallace, Pam Gray, Rob Mieso, Sally Gore, Sheli Michael, Tim Shively, Vins Chacko

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