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DRAFT Notes December 5, 2019


Approve the Notes from November 14, 2019

The notes from November 14, 2019 were approved.

Annual De Anza Educational Master Plan Update

Educational Master Plan Update - Annual update of De Anza’s Educational Master Plan (website link)  includes updates of key metrics and institutional metrics. Newell reminded the members that the purpose of the College Planning Committee is to systematically review all aspects of the planning cycle under the direction of the College Council. Two items from the College Planning Committee's charge are to 1) Review and propose revisions to the mission statement and Educational Master Plan and 2) Evaluate the seven-year planning cycle within the context of the Educational Master Plan review. Each shared governance group is asked to annually reflect on their processes through three targeted questions each spring. The results of the reflections are published in the annual Educational Master Plan Update and inform the college's planning processes. Each fall the College Planning Committee reviews and assesses the Institutional Metrics within the Educational Master Plan Update and shares the update with College Council.

Newell summarized the Educational Master Plan Update with the members.  Please share the update with your constituency groups.

Annual De Anza Equity Plan Update

Equity Plan Annual Update - Annual update of De Anza’s Equity Plan required for Student Equity and Achievement Program (SEA) funding.

Newell noted that the Equity Plan annual update is due to the state due January 1, 2020.  It was noted that this would likely be an annual requirement from the state moving forward. Newell then advised the members that there is new legislation that allows colleges to create an emergency fund using SEA funds. To do so, colleges need to add the ability to establish an emergency fund for students to their existing Equity Plan. The College Planning Committee agreed to add language to Equity Plan via this year's update. Newell requested that feedback and comments be submitted to her by the end of the quarter. Please share the update with your constituency groups.

IPBT Allocation of Resources

IPBT Allocation of Resources - IPBT seeks approval to allocate funds per summary sheet.

Pape/Ranck: Presented De Anza College IPBT Master Allocation Workbook Fall 2019 Instructional Equipment/Lottery/Strong Workforce/Perkins allocation based on 2019 Program Review and asked for College Council approval. Goal: satisfy the majority of “critical” needs then attempt to fund some of the “Needed” items.  *“Critical” – the program can function without it.  *“Needed” – Needed, but can be postponed

Strong Workforce Program (SWP) - Total available funds reflect dollars IPBT can allocate (positions and benefits excluded) 17% enhancement = $159,393 which brings available SWP to $1,112,685

Perkins "Other" line item includes OTI/5% admin

Instructional Equipment. Annual allocation from the state is not expected for 19-20.

Lottery. Enhancement to ongoing allocations $80,000 Office of Instruction (required maintenance, emergency requests, bulbs, including CHEM and LIB expenses noted)

 The membes approved the item.

Reports from APBT, IPBT & SSPBT

 APBT: next meeting is in Winter 2020

SSPBT: Working on Program Reviews

 IPBT: Working on Faculty Hiring 8 positions to be filled out of 40 requested positions. Have a time line for the first 3 longer meetings in January and additional meeting in the first week of the quarter to move forward Hiring takes take and make sure to give ample time to approve and get the process going. Program Review sent out to all department chairs. Set workshops in January. Trying to get out of the late cycle for budget allocation purposes.

 Quick News

The new De Anza mascot, the "Mountain Lions", was chosen by the college mascot working group, which included DASB student representatives, student-athletes and coaches. DASB hosted a former DASB president (1976-1977).

Present: Marilyn Booye, Pam Grey, Marisa Spatafore, Mary Pape, Vins Chacko, Karen Chow, Rob Mieso, Lorrie Ranck, Mallory Newell, Edmundo Norte, Heidi King, Michele Le bleu Burns, Tim Shively, Moaty Fayek, Shelly Michael, Genevieve Kolar.  Apologies: Christina Espinosa-Pieb, Sally Gore, Anita Muthyala-Kandula. Notes: Evert.

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