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Date: November 1, 2022
Time: 4:00 - 5:00 PM
Location: via Zoom -

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    4:00 - 4:15 Welcome and Introductions D/A All
    4:15 - 4:30 Writing Team Leads for Accreditation I/D/A Mallory Newell
    4:30 - 4:45

    Strong Workforce Budget

    DA Perkins IC 22-C01-420_Budgets_2022-23_updated_10-5-2022.pdf

    DA_SWP_Local_Round 7 _Fund_135063_BUDGET_2022-24_PRELIM.pdf

    DA SWP Regional - Round 7 - Fund TBD - Proposed Budget - 10-2022.pdf

    I/D/A Randy Bryant, Vins Chacko
    4:45 - 5:00 Faculty Hiring Discussion I/D Erik Woodbury, Christina Espinosa-Pieb

    A = Action D = Discussion I = Information





    Affinity Group


    Christina Espinosa-Pieb,


    Randy Bryant

    Sam Bliss

    Alicia Cortez

    Moaty Fayek

    Anita Muthyala-Kandula

    Thomas Ray

    Thomas Bailey
    Vins Chacko
    Erik Woodbury, Co-Chair
    Patricia Carobus
    Ilan Glasman Salvador Guerrero
    Mark Landefeld
    Mary Pape
    Daniel Solomon


    APASA: Dawn Le Tu Khoa Nguyen
    BFSA: Melinda Hughes Pauline Wethington
    DALA: Eric Mendoza Felisa Vilaubi
  • Minutes

    IPBT Meeting - November 1, 2022

    Co-chairs: Christina G. Espinosa-Pieb, Erik Woodbury

    Administrative reps: Sam Bliss, Randy Bryant, Alicia Cortez, Christina Espinosa-Pieb, Moaty Fayek Anita Muthyala-Kandula, Thomas Ray

    Classified reps: Thomas Bailey, Vins Chacko

    Faculty reps: Patricia Carobus, Ilan Glasman, Salvador Guerrero, Mark Landefeld, Mary Pape, Danny Solomon, Erik Woodbury

    Affinity Groups Representatives:

    Black Faculty, Staff and Administrators (BFSA): Melinda Hughes, Pauline Wethington

    The Asian Pacific American Staff Association (APASA): Dawn Lee, Khoa Nguyen

    De Anza Latinx Association (DALA): Eric Mendoza, Felisa Vilaubi

    Guests: Debbie Lee, Mallory Newell, Elvin Ramos, Daniel Smith,

    Welcome and Introductions: IPBT members introduced themselves and were welcomed. Christina and Erik thanked everyone for serving during the fall quarter and reminded everyone that we would be transitioning over to our new shared governance process beginning in the winter quarter.

    Writing Team Leads for Accreditation: Mallory informed IPBT that the college is entering year six of a seven-year accreditation cycle and is beginning the process of producing a comprehensive Institutional Self-Evaluation Report. She gave an overview of that process, followed by an expected timeline.

    2023 Institutional Self-Evaluation website

    The information is being shared with all shared governance groups and Mallory was seeking volunteers from the IPBT to serve as writing team leads for standard II A (the area of instruction). Writing team leads will be responsible for writing a reflection and getting input from the committee.

    The following individuals volunteered to serve as the writing team leads for IPBT: Mary Pape, Moaty Fayek, and Eric Mendoza. Approved by the team.

    Strong Workforce Budget:

    Randy Bryant notified the IPBT that the CTE committee (which consis of all department chairs and the deans for CTE departments on campus) had met and approved the following budgets:

    DA Perkins IC 22-C01-420_Budgets_2022-23_updated_10-5-2022.pdf - Informational (was approved last year)

    DA_SWP_Local_Round 7 _Fund_135063_BUDGET_2022-24_PRELIM.pdf - All programs were represented.

    Randy explained DMT’s request of $322,868 that includes a second installment of the DMT 3D lab extension.  Nursing request of $349, 925 includes Nursing department salaries.

    DA SWP Regional - Round 7 - Fund TBD - Proposed Budget - 10-2022.pdf - Regional budget goes to salaries to various CTE positions on campus including CTE office paid out of SWF.

    The committee will take this information to their respective constituency groups for review and then bring it back to IPBT for a vote at the next meeting. In case of any questions, the members were asked to contact Randy Bryant directly before the next meeting.

    Faculty Hiring Discussion:

    Erik informed the committee that as of today we have 5 new faculty positions for hire. 14 faculty positions remain on the list from last year. Erik invited the committee to discuss whether IPBT wanted to engage in the work of prioritizing faculty hires given the ongoing changes in shared governance and the establishment of the Program Allocation Committee (PAC) in January. Christina added that following our past practice could introduce complications as it could limit the ability of PAC to more freely determine where resources should be directed.

    Ilan proposed using the prioritization list from 21/22 to determine new hires for this year, a new process from previous years. If IPBT follows the established process, 5 new positions would be added to last years' list. If IPBT tries to create a new process, the new process has to be established, and this would require more time for discussion.

    Erik notified the team that Academic Senate approved the current process of the PBTs for the remainder of the quarter.

    Some of members' concern is that IPBT won't have enough time for the comprehensive, transparent process. Hiring processes would be delayed.

    Dawn Lee Tu volunteered to create a google doc for IPBT to reflect faculty hiring process and share at the next week meeting.

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