College Planning Committee

Planning QuiltIn 2011 the College Council approved the formation of a College Planning Committee (CPC). The purpose of the committee is to systematically review all aspects of the planning cycle under the direction of the College Council.

Responsibilities of the Committee


The committee oversees the college accreditation process, including the writing of the Midterm Report, the Institutional Self-Evaluation, the Quality Focus Essay (QFE) and an annual progress report on the QFE. More information is available in the Accreditation section of this website. 

Assessment of Institutional Metrics

Each fall the College Planning Committee reviews and assesses the Institutional Metrics within the Educational Master Plan Update and shares the update with College Council.

Assessment of Shared Governance

Each shared governance group is asked to annually reflect on their processes through three targeted questions each spring. The results of the reflections are published in the annual Educational Master Plan Update and inform the college's planning processes.

Student Equity and Achievement Program

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