General Meeting Information

Date: October 19, 2017
Time: 1:30 - 3:00 p.m
Location: DA MLC 233 Video Conf. Room

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    1:30 p.m. Review Agenda & Notes I/D Cook/Glapion
    1:35 p.m. Accreditation Update I/D Cook
    2:00 p.m. SSPBT Goals 17-18 I/D/A All
    2:30 p.m. Budget reduction: Process & Criteria I/D Cook
    2:45 p.m. Resource Request


    3:00 p.m. Adjourn    

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

    SSPBT Goals & Priorities 2016-2017

    • Student Success & Support Program (SSSP): Enrollment Priority
      (BOG fee waiver), Enrollment Management, Technology, Retention
    • Student Equity: Veterans, Foster Youth, African Ancestry/Latino Males, Students w/Disabilities, STEM Retention & Access
    • Title IX
    • Accreditation / Self-Study

    Members: Booye, Cook (co-chair), Cortez, DASB, Doan, Espinosa-Pieb, Glapion (co-chair), Kirkpatrick, LeBleu-Burns, Mandy, Mieso, Robles, Shears, Shively, Ward, White-Daniels

  • Minutes

    Meeting Notes

    Attending Members: Cook, Doan, Glapion (co-chair), LeBleu-Burns, Mandy, Mieso, Robles, Ward, White-Daniels

    Guest: Chris White to represent ACE on behalf of Kirkpatrick

    There were no amendments to the agenda.

    Accreditation Update

    We received multiple commendations from the chair in the exit report:

    • Commitment to equity and student civic engagement as being core elements of our
      identity and informing all programs and planning;
    • “Heart” for underrepresented students;
    • Welcome and support for online students;
    • Support for a vibrant student life through programs and facilities design; and
    • Avid commitment to professional development

    We also received a compliment on our non-instructional SLOs from the Accreditation Team.

     SSPBT Goals 2017-18
    • Integrated SSSP/BSI/Equity plan
    • Accreditation, Self-Study, & Enrollment Budget Update
    • Pathways & Promises
    • Communication
    • Title IX

    Mieso will also be presenting the integrated SSSP/BSI/Equity plan to SSPBT on November 16th.

    Individual committees are being formed to work on each goal. The goals and committees will be confirmed in the next SSPBT meeting.

    Goal Committees:

         Integrated Plans – Mieso, Doan
         Accreditation, Self-Study, Enrollment Budget Update – Open
         Pathways & Promises – White-Daniels
         Communication – Robles, Avila
         Title IX – Cook, LeBleu-Burns

     Budget Reductions: Process & Criteria

    On November 16th we will have a presentation from Finance on the proposed budget reductions coming in the next couple of years.  

    Cook created a draft of 12 criteria to be used when considering reductions. This will be a transparent process and a timeline will be established after the presentation. All planning and discussions that are happening currently are for the 2018-19 fiscal year.

    SSPBT will now be reviewing new or open positions. They will then be presented to Senior Staff and College Council.

    Resource Requests

    All requests should come through SSPBT first to formalize the resource allocation process. A Budget Request Form will also be created for this process and the SSPBT Resource Evaluation Rubric is available as well.

    Resource requests include: equipment, staffing, materials, and supplies. Instructional equipment is run through IPBT and they are now currently developing the rubric for this process.

    To see how the state defines instructional equipment, please review the California Community Colleges website for guidelines.

    Program & Committee Updates

    White-Daniels & LeBleu-Burns reported on the Blue Print/Foster Youth Conference:

    • Good opportunity for networking and meeting with the Foster Youth to learn
      about their experiences.
    • Concentrating on retention and completion
    • Learning about innovative programs
      • Single application for various programs on campus

    Mieso reported on Outreach/Men of Color:

    • Their annual Hip-Hop even is coming up on Nov. 30th
      • Good event to reach and engage the students
    • High School Partners Annual Conference is on Dec. 1st
      • Good to get some feedback and perspective about challenges with enrollment
    • List of Outreach Events for the 2017-18 year

    Mandy reported on Financial Aid:

    • EOPS now has a Financial Aid representative assigned to them. Eventually they would
      like to assign representatives to other cohorts as well.

    Glapion reported on DSPS:

    • Many DSPS members are at the CAPED conference right now and he is looking forward
      to hearing about it and what’s new this year.

    Cook reported on Title IX:

    • We have had six cases reported this year so far. It’s good that the students are reporting the incidences and are getting support from friends and other students.
      • Cook said that if anyone is interested in being a Co-Coordinator/Investigator
        then please let her know.

    White-Daniels reported on Counseling:

    • They are doing a soft launch for Starfish for two courses who will do the BETA testing
      • They are now trying to connect the dots between the students, faculty, and support programs
    • EduNav will have its soft launch on Nov. 28th and will begin working with students. Once they receive feedback, they will change and adapt the software accordingly.
      • They are looking at Spring 2018 for full launch but only if they have everything working perfectly.
    • We have 46 students in the Mellon Scholars program this year. Patty Burgos is the Counseling liaison for this group.

    Ward Reported on Admissions & Records:

    • Finalizing Census
    • Banner 9 testing is coming up
      • There are 25 openings for both De Anza and Foothill for training so please let Tamica know who would like to attend. The training date is set for Dec. 6th.
      • Please send the screens and process that you would like to talk about
        so they can set the agenda.
    • The Accuplacer Test will be changing and they are still researching alternatives. The Common Assessment trial is on hold.

    Robles reported on EOPS:

    • EOPS Counselors are part of both the Starfish and EduNav Committees
    • Served on the statewide EOPS Allocation Taskforce and the recommendations were approved for the 2018-19 year.

    LeBleu-Burns reported on Health Services:

    • They have been very busy with smoke related issues with students and faculty due to the fires in the area.

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