Institutional Planning

College Planning Committee

Planning QuiltIn 2011 the College Council approved the formation of a College Planning Committee (CPC). The purpose of the committee is to systematically review all aspects of the planning cycle under the direction of the College Council.

 Charge of the Committee

  • Serve as Accreditation Steering Committee when appropriate in the planning cycle.
  • Assess institutional goals via an annual report
  • Review and propose revisions to the mission statement and Educational Master Plan
  • Evaluate the six-year planning cycle within the context of the Educational Master Plan review
  • Evaluate governance and decision making structures and processes

Committee Membership

  • College Researcher (Chair)
  • Member from the student learning outcomes team
  • Classified member of the Student Services Planning and Budget Team
  • Faculty member from the Instructional Planning and Budget Team
  • Administrative member of the Finance and Educational Resources Planning and Budget Team
  • Administrator
  • Classified Senate executive member
  • Academic Senate executive member
  • Student representative from the De Anza Student Body Senate
  • College President

Assessment of Shared Governance

Each shared governance group is asked to annually reflect on their processes through three targeted questions each spring. The results of the reflections are published in the annual Educational Master Plan Update and inform the college's planning processes.

Assessment of Institutional Metrics

Each fall the College Planning Committee reviews and assesses the Institutional Metrics. If any metrics are found to be falling behind, in that we believe the current rate of growth will not meet the Master Plan goal set for 2020, the Committee notifies College Council. At that time, College Council determines ways in which the college can address the Institutional Metric in order to meet the Master Plan goal by 2020. Six metrics have been identified and Academic Senate is working with the appropriate groups to help increase our rates in these areas.

Alignment of Institutional Metrics to CCCCO's Vision for Success

Meeting Minutes

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