Medical Laboratory Technician Department

Clinical Laboratory Career Ladder

Individuals interested in a medical laboratory career may direct their goals to one of many levels of education. The entry-level position is:

Phlebotomist/Lab Assistant

Responsibilities: Draw blood for analysis in the laboratory. Assist in performing some laboratory testing.
Qualifications: High School Diploma or equivalent, train in a California approved CPT 1 program, pass a national certifying exam. For more information on California approved CPT programs, refer to the following website:

The next step is:

*Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT)**

Responsibilities: Performs Moderate and waived testing in the clinical laboratory.
Qualifications: Associate's Degree from a NAACLS accredited MLT training program including 6 months training in a hospital, pass a national certification exam.

The next step is:

*Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS)

Responsibilities: Perform all diagnostic testing in the clinical laboratory. Responsible for quality control and researching and selecting new methods of testing.
Qualifications: Bachelor's degree and 12 months training in a California approved CLS program, pass the California State Licensing Exam.

For more information:

Phlebotomy: Maureen Miramontes:
MLT: Patricia Buchner:
CLS: San Jose State University: Suzanne Gayrard: or San Francisco State University:Geraldine Albee:


*Partially funded by local hospitals
**NAACLS accredited MLT Program 5600 North River Rd, Suite 720, Rosemont, IL (773-714-8880)

Medical Laboratory Technician

Office: S75A

Lab: S-73
Contact: Patricia Buchner
Phone: 408.864.8790


Last Updated: 11/8/13