Courses Offered By This Department

These listings are drawn from the current college catalog. Some courses may not be offered every quarter or may not be available in the foreseeable future. Contact the academic department to find out when a course will be offered.

Course Number Course Title Units
MUSI 1A Music Appreciation: Music in Western Cultures 4
MUSI 1B Music Appreciation: Jazz Styles 4
MUSI 1C Music Appreciation: World Music in America 4
MUSI 1D Music Appreciation: Rock - From Roots to Rap 4
MUSI 2 Music Fundamentals 3
MUSI 3A Comprehensive Musicianship (First Quarter) 4
MUSI 3B Comprehensive Musicianship (Second Quarter) 4
MUSI 3C Comprehensive Musicianship (Third Quarter) 4
MUSI 4A Comprehensive Musicianship II (First Quarter) 4
MUSI 4B Comprehensive Musicianship II (Second Quarter) 4
MUSI 4C Comprehensive Musicianship II (Third Quarter) 4
MUSI 6A Beginning Songwriting I 1.5
MUSI 6B Beginning Songwriting II 1.5
MUSI 6C Beginning Songwriting III 1.5
MUSI 8 Intermediate Electronic Music 3
MUSI 9A Jazz Piano I 1.5
MUSI 9B Jazz Piano II 1.5
MUSI 9C Jazz Piano III 1.5
MUSI 12A Class Piano I 1.5
MUSI 12B Class Piano II 1.5
MUSI 12C Class Piano III 1.5
MUSI 13A Beginning Singing I 1.5
MUSI 13B Beginning Singing II 1.5
MUSI 13C Beginning Singing III 1.5
MUSI 14A Classical Guitar I 1.5
MUSI 14B Classical Guitar II 1.5
MUSI 14C Classical Guitar III 1.5
MUSI 14D Classical Guitar IV 1.5
MUSI 15A Guitar Ensemble I 2
MUSI 15B Guitar Ensemble II 2
MUSI 16A Beginning Acoustic Guitar 1.5
MUSI 16B Jazz, Blues and Popular Guitar 1.5
MUSI 17 Beginning Guitar 1.5
MUSI 18A Intermediate Piano I 1.5
MUSI 18B Intermediate Piano II 1.5
MUSI 18C Intermediate Piano III 1.5
MUSI 20 De Anza Chorale 2
MUSI 21 Vintage Singers 2
MUSI 22 Early Music Study and Performance 2
MUSI 25 Applied Music 1
MUSI 31 Chamber Orchestra 2
MUSI 34 Jazz Ensemble 2
MUSI 35 Mariachi Ensemble 2
MUSI 41V Rehearsal and Performance 1.5
MUSI 41W Rehearsal and Performance 2
MUSI 42 Concert Band 2
MUSI 44A Composition and Arranging - Level I 1.5
MUSI 45 Jazz Combos 2
MUSI 48A Jazz Improvisation I 1.5
MUSI 48B Jazz Improvisation II 1.5
MUSI 48C Jazz Improvisation III 1.5
MUSI 50A Conducting I 1.5
MUSI 50B Conducting II 1.5
MUSI 50C Conducting III 1.5
MUSI 51 Introduction to Electronic Music 3
MUSI 53 Music Business 3
MUSI 77 Special Projects in Music 1
MUSI 77X Special Projects in Music 2
MUSI 77Y Special Projects in Music 3
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