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MUSI 1A Introduction to Music: Music in Western Cultures417-18

MUSI 1B Introduction to Music: Jazz Styles417-18

MUSI 1C Introduction to Music: World Music in America417-18

MUSI 1D Introduction to Music: Rock - From Roots to Rap417-18

MUSI 1E Introduction to Music: Latin America and the Caribbean417-18

MUSI 3A Comprehensive Musicianship (First Quarter)417-18

MUSI 3B Comprehensive Musicianship (Second Quarter)417-18

MUSI 3C Comprehensive Musicianship (Third Quarter)417-18

MUSI 4A Comprehensive Musicianship II (First Quarter)417-18

MUSI 4B Comprehensive Musicianship II (Second Quarter)417-18

MUSI 4C Comprehensive Musicianship II (Third Quarter)417-18

MUSI 5A Modal Counterpoint317-18

MUSI 8 Intermediate Electronic Music317-18

MUSI 9A Jazz Piano I1 1/217-18

MUSI 9B Jazz Piano II1 1/217-18

MUSI 9C Jazz Piano III1 1/217-18

MUSI 10A Music Fundamentals317-18

MUSI 12A Class Piano I1 1/217-18

MUSI 12B Class Piano II1 1/217-18

MUSI 12C Class Piano III1 1/217-18

MUSI 13A Beginning Singing I1 1/217-18

MUSI 13B Beginning Singing II1 1/217-18

MUSI 13C Beginning Singing III1 1/217-18

MUSI 14A Classical Guitar I1 1/217-18

MUSI 14B Classical Guitar II1 1/217-18

MUSI 14C Classical Guitar III1 1/217-18

MUSI 14D Classical Guitar IV1 1/217-18

MUSI 15A Guitar Ensemble I217-18

MUSI 15B Guitar Ensemble II217-18

MUSI 16A Beginning Acoustic Guitar1 1/217-18

MUSI 16B Jazz, Blues and Popular Guitar1 1/217-18

MUSI 18A Intermediate Piano I1 1/217-18

MUSI 18B Intermediate Piano II1 1/217-18

MUSI 18C Intermediate Piano III1 1/217-18

MUSI 20 De Anza Chorale217-18

MUSI 21 Vintage Singers217-18

MUSI 22 Early Music Study and Performance217-18

MUSI 25 Applied Music117-18

MUSI 31 Chamber Orchestra217-18

MUSI 32A Jazz Solo Voice I1 1/217-18

MUSI 32B Jazz Solo Voice II1 1/217-18

MUSI 34 Jazz Ensemble217-18

MUSI 41V Rehearsal and Performance1 1/217-18

MUSI 41W Rehearsal and Performance217-18

MUSI 42 Concert Band217-18

MUSI 44A Composition and Arranging - Level I1 1/217-18

MUSI 45 Jazz Combos217-18

MUSI 48A Jazz Improvisation I1 1/217-18

MUSI 48B Jazz Improvisation II1 1/217-18

MUSI 48C Jazz Improvisation III1 1/217-18

MUSI 51 Introduction to Electronic Music317-18

MUSI 53 Music Business317-18

MUSI 58A Beginning African and African-Influenced Percussion and Rhythms1 1/217-18

MUSI 58B Intermediate African and African-Influenced Percussion and Rhythms1 1/217-18

MUSI 77 Special Projects in Music117-18

MUSI 77X Special Projects in Music217-18

MUSI 77Y Special Projects in Music317-18

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