Email sent April 20, 2020

Dear Students,

The deadline to request Pass/No Pass grading has been extended for courses taken LAST quarter (winter 2020), under a special order from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office.

You can file a special request to have your grades converted retroactively to Pass/No Pass for any course taken during winter quarter. If you make this request

  • A grade of C (including C minus) or higher will be converted to Pass
  • Any grade below C (including D and D plus) will be converted to No Pass

However, there are some important things you should consider before requesting a Pass/No Pass grade. For example,

  • Some transfer universities will not accept Pass grades for credit or major requirements
  • If you receive a Pass grade, you will not be able to take the course again
  • Once you request Pass/No Pass for a course, you cannot change back to a letter grade

You can learn more about requesting Pass/No Pass grading for winter classes at Please remember that this special process is for winter classes only. The standard rules for Pass/No Pass remain in effect for spring quarter, and the deadline to request Pass/No Pass for most spring classes is Friday, May 8.

Best wishes,
De Anza College

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