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Email sent July 22, 2020

Register Now for Fall!

Registration for fall quarter is now open, and there are lots of great classes available. Check out the schedule – and register now through MyPortal!

Fall Classes Begin Sept. 21

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See the online searchable schedule for course information, newly added classes and cancellations.

Fall classes will be mostly online. Be sure to check the class schedule and footnotes for details on how each class will be taught, including whether it is

  • An online class with no scheduled meetings (Students can log in anytime to do the required weekly course work.)
  • An online class that meets each week on scheduled days and times, as noted in the listing
  • An online class with SOME scheduled meetings, as noted in the listing or the class syllabus. (The rest of the class can be completed independently each week on the student’s own time.)

You can also view open and newly added classes by using the Open Classes Finder in MyPortal. Go to the Apps section and click on the Student Registration tile. Remember to check for prerequisites.

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