CD 51A
Basic Student Teaching Practicum

Course Description

A demonstration of developmentally appropriate early childhood teaching competencies under guided supervision. Students will utilize practical classroom experiences to make connections between theory and practice, develop professional behaviors, and build a comprehensive understanding of children and families. Child centered, play-oriented approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment; and knowledge of curriculum content areas will be emphasized as student teachers design, implement and evaluate experiences that promote positive development and learning for all young children. (This course meets the NAEYC Standards 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5; and NBPTS Standards 1 through 9.)

Class Details

CRN Course Section Days Times Instructor Loc
13469 CD 51A 02Z ······· TBA-TBA Jayanti Roy ONLINE
MTWR··· 08:00 AM-12:00 PM

Class Materials: View textbook and/or other materials for this course available at the Bookstore.
Class Dates: This class runs from 2024-07-01 to 2024-08-09.
CD-051A.02Z: Class utilizes Canvas course management and Zoom video conferencing technology. Lecture is asynchronous, work could be completed independently each week on the student's own time. Lab portion of this class is 16 hours per week, synchronous : MTWR 8:00 am –12:00pm (Zoom, instructor and preschool children in a classroom), and 1 hour each day of TBA. This course requires that students have access to a child between the ages of 2 and 5 in order to complete 10 activities that must be videotaped and submitted. It is required by licensing that all students have the following immunizations: Pertussis, Measles, current TB test, and a flu shot volunteering or working in a child care facility. You may decline the flu shot. SB 792 prohibits a person from being employed or volunteering at a child care facility if he or she has not been immunized against influenza, pertussis, and measles. SB 792 specify circumstances under which a person would be exempt from the immunization requirement, based on medical safety, current immunity, declining the influenza vaccination, or the date upon which he or she was hired, as specified. In addition, SB 792 requires any person hired as a teacher in a day care center to present evidence of a current tuberculosis clearance, as specified. This Bill was put into place as of September 1, 2016. You will need to show documentation of these immunizations on the first day of class.

Course Details

5 Units
  • Weekly Lecture Hours: 2.5
  • Weekly Lab Hours: 8
Gen Ed
Non-GE Class
Program Status
Program Applicable
Credit - Degree Applicable
Grading Method
Letter Grading

Requisite and Advisory

C D D010G (or PSYC D010G), C D D012., C D D050. and C D D054.
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