picture of handshapes of the ASL alphabet

Are you fascinated when you see Deaf people signing?

Do you need a language for college admissions, transfer or for GE credit?

Do you want to communicate with a friend, co-worker or family member and make new friends, both hearing and Deaf?

Do you want to learn about the Deaf community in the Bay Area and attend Deaf events?

Do you know that American Sign Language is expressive, dramatic and includes jokes, poetry and drama--all "on the hands"!  

American Sign Language is

  • An alternative to a spoken foreign language for college requirements in a language
    other than English.
  • A well-paid career in high demand.
  • Fourth most commonly used language in the United States.
  • Not universal, but it is international and can be helpful in communicating with deaf people world-wide.
  • Please join us and take American Sign Language!


De Anza College offers a two quarter sequence courses to develop beginning communication skills in American Sign Language.  (SIGN 3 enrollment has declined and is not currently scheduled.)  The courses are UC/CSU transferable and may be used to meet general education area requirements.

  • SIGN 1 Elementary (1st quarter) 5 units
    Typically offered each quarter, day and evening, with intensive 6 week sections offered in the summer that meet 4 days or evenings a week.
  • SIGN 2, Elementary (2nd quarter) 5 units
    Typically offered Winter and Spring quarters, days and evenings.

Students need to meet the prerequisite course requirements, or equivalent, to enroll in SIGN 2.  

SIGN 1 and 2 are considered the equivalent of one year each in a high school language curriculum sequence.

For Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

Please contact Disability Support Services or Deaf Services for information on enrolling for Sign Language or other campus programs and to receive support services.

For Interested High School Students

High school students who are currently in 11th or 12th grade may enroll at De Anza and take classes in Sign Language. In addition to the regular enrollment process, you will need to submit a "High School Permit to Enroll" form before you can register for classes. You'll find more information and the "Permit to Enroll" form on our Concurrent High School Students web page.

Course Outlines and Schedule

For more details about the class curriculum and scheduled classes, visit the Sign Language Course Descriptions webpage.

Student Club

Interested students at De Anza College are invited to join the student ASL Club.  The purposes of the club are:

  • To bring people of deaf, hard of hearing and hearing cultures together
  • To practice signing
  • To disseminate information about and attend Deaf events in the area
  • To organize on-campus Deaf events

For current club contact information and meeting schedule, contact the Students Activities Office in the Hinson Campus Center or go to Inter-Club Council and Club website.

Further Study

Students who want to continue sign language study past the first-year level or who plan to pursue a degree in Interpreting or Deaf Education are advised to contact Ohlone College for information regarding their course offerings, Certification and AA degree major in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies.

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