Courses Offered By This Department

Course Number Course Title Units
SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology 4
SOC 5 Sociology of Globalization and Social Change 4
SOC 14 The Process of Social Research 4
SOC 15 Statistics and Research Methods in Social Science 4
SOC 20 Social Problems 4
SOC 28 Sociology of Gender 4
SOC 29 Sociology of Structural Racism in the United States 4
SOC 35 Marriage, Family, and Intimate Relationships 4
SOC 51 Women in Crime 4
SOC 54 Youth and the Law 4
SOC 73 Crime and Criminology 4
SOC 77X Special Projects in Sociology 2
SOC 77Y Special Projects in Sociology 3
SOC 97A The Art of Protest - FYE, Puente and Umoja 1
SOC 97B Institutional Inequality - FYE, Puente and Umoja 1

These listings are drawn from the current college catalog. Some courses may not be offered every quarter. Contact the academic department to find out when a course will be offered.

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