Math 1B Integral Calculus

This course is a continuation of the calculus sequence: Math 1A-Differential Calculus, and Math 1B-Integral Calculus; with Math 1C and 1D in your future.
Keep in mind: many colleges on a semester system have two semesters of calculus to make up a full year of calculus, whereas those on a quarter system (i.e., De Anza) have three quarters to make a full year of calculus.
Guideline: wherever you begin your calculus sequence is where you should finish that sequence. Transferring between semester and quarter systems during the calculus sequence can create problems of missed material/information.
Make sure you also read the General Information. Spend some time completing your Weekly Schedule to make sure you know how your time is being used. Account for virtually every activity: eating, sleeping, driving to school, classes, study times, fun times, etc. Make sure every time slot is accounted for.
The course syllabus is a Word document listing the general operating procedures and 'regs', and the remaining pages the testing schedule, assignments, and grading information.
It is your responsibility to read this document carefully, so that you fully understand how the course will be run. If you are unclear about anything, please do not hesitate to ask me. Your first minitest will contain information from the Syllabus and the General Information.
We proceed at about a section every one to two days. A single Integral calculus problem can take much work and time. You should anticipate spending 2-3 hours per day studying and doing the homework problems, even on weekends. When we get to parts of Chapter 6, you will need your prior knowledge of trigonometric identities.
Math 1B Syllabus
Hyperbolic Functions Supplement
Hyperbolic Functions Problems
Special Trig Integral Substitutions
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