CD 53 Instructor Activity Guidelines

Guidelines for Recording Instructor's Activities

You are responsible for collecting all student activity sheets and recording all the instructor's activities that are presented in class. If you are absent, please arrange for a classmate to collect and record the day's activities.  
Please take time to explore and experience all activities presented in class. Whenever possible, include a small sample or swatch of each activity for your notebook.

All instructor activities, not in the syllabus, should be recorded using the following format. On a separate sheet of paper, include the six following descriptions:

  1. Title: (ex: Collage)
  2. Suggested age range: (3 +)
  3. Materials: (ex: white glue in small squeeze bottles; assorted colored construction paper cut into shapes; large sheets of construction paper; newspaper for covering the table; wicker baskets for shapes; marker for writing names.)
  4. Process or Procedure: (ex: Cover table with newspaper for easy cleaning. Place shapes in containers for easy reach. Have a glue bottle and a piece of paper for each child. Allow children to choose and create whatever they wish.) 
  5. Variations: (ex: Using all one shape. Using tissue paper shapes and liquid starch; Doing a large group collage on a roll of paper.)
  6. Tips/Evaluations, anecdotes or feelings: (You can also add an evaluation of the activity based on how you responded to it.) (Ex: "I really enjoyed this activity. At first I thought it too simple or boring, but then as I worked with it, I began to see many possibilities, like patterns. OR "Squeeze bottles were difficult to use. Some three year olds may want to just squeeze and squeeze. Be sure to give time to explore this or maybe provide another activity that might satisfy this fine motor practice like salt/paint squeeze art."
Please bring your class syllabus to every class.
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