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These are the courses offered through the Health Technology department. If you want to know when a course is being taught, see the searchable Schedule of Classes.

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HTEC 50 Introduction to Health Technologies113-14

HTEC 51 Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology213-14

HTEC 60A Basic Medical Terminology313-14

HTEC 60G Advanced Medical Terminology213-14

HTEC 60H Advanced Medical Terminology213-14

HTEC 61 Medical Communications1 1/213-14

HTEC 64A Basic Clinical Laboratory Procedures1 1/213-14

HTEC 64B Advanced Clinical Laboratory Procedures1 1/213-14

HTEC 68 Medical Reception Externship213-14

HTEC 71 Medical Office Reception113-14

HTEC 72 Medical Office Financial Procedures1 1/213-14

HTEC 73 Medical Law and Ethics1 1/213-14

HTEC 74 Medical Transcription with Advanced Terminology1 1/213-14

HTEC 75 Medical Office Management1 1/213-14

HTEC 76A Advanced Medical Coding I1 1/213-14

HTEC 76B Advanced Medical Coding II1 1/213-14

HTEC 77 Special Projects in Health Technology113-14

HTEC 77X Special Projects in Health Technology213-14

HTEC 77Y Special Projects in Health Technology313-14

HTEC 80 Clinical Hematology Laboratory1 1/213-14

HTEC 80A Clinical Hematology Lecture4 1/213-14

HTEC 81 Clinical Urinalysis Laboratory0 3/413-14

HTEC 81A Clinical Urinalysis Lecture1 1/213-14

HTEC 82 Clinical Coagulation Laboratory0 3/413-14

HTEC 82A Clinical Coagulation Lecture1 1/213-14

HTEC 83 Clinical Microbiology Laboratory1 1/213-14

HTEC 83A Clinical Microbiology Lecture4 1/213-14

HTEC 84 Clinical Immunology/Immunohematology Laboratory1 1/213-14

HTEC 84A Clinical Immunology/Immunohematology Lecture4 1/213-14

HTEC 85A Clinical Chemistry I Laboratory1 1/213-14

HTEC 85B Clinical Chemistry II Laboratory1 1/213-14

HTEC 85C Clinical Chemistry I Lecture4 1/213-14

HTEC 85D Clinical Chemistry II Lecture4 1/213-14

HTEC 90G Basic Patient Care1 1/213-14

HTEC 90H Medical Office Sterile Technique1 1/213-14

HTEC 91 Medical Office Diagnostic Tests1 1/213-14

HTEC 93 Pharmacology for Medical Assistants1 1/213-14

HTEC 94 Administration of Medications113-14

HTEC 95A Medical Assisting Externship313-14

HTEC 95B Phlebotomy Technician I Externship313-14

HTEC 96A Medical Assisting Externship413-14

HTEC 96B Medical Secretarial Externship413-14

HTEC 96C Medical File Clerk Externship413-14

HTEC 96D Medical Record Clerk Externship413-14

HTEC 96E Business Office Clerk Externship413-14

HTEC 96F Insurance and Coding Externship413-14

HTEC 96G Medical Transcription Externship413-14

HTEC 96H EKG Externship413-14

HTEC 101A Skill Building in Clinical Laboratory Procedures113-14

HTEC 101B Skill Building in Basic Patient Care113-14

HTEC 101C Skill Building in Medical Communications113-14

HTEC 101D Skill Building in Medical Office Financial Procedures113-14

HTEC 101E Skill Building in Medical Office Sterile Technique113-14

HTEC 101F Skill Building in Medical Office Diagnostic Tests113-14

HTEC 110 Health Technologies Employment Preparation1 1/213-14

HTEC 180 Clinical Hematology/Urinalysis/Coagulation Practicum613-14

HTEC 183 Clinical Microbiology Practicum613-14

HTEC 184 Clinical Immunology/Immunohematology Practicum4 1/213-14

HTEC 185 Clinical Chemistry Practicum613-14

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