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P E 4XX High Intensity Strength Development for Athletes116-17

P E 32B Women's Badminton Techniques216-17

P E 32F Defensive Baseball Techniques216-17

P E 32G Offensive Baseball Techniques216-17

P E 32H Offensive Football Techniques216-17

P E 32HX Offensive Football Techniques116-17

P E 32I Defensive Football Techniques216-17

P E 32IX Defensive Football Techniques116-17

P E 32J Water Polo Techniques216-17

P E 32JX Water Polo Techniques116-17

P E 32K Basketball Techniques216-17

P E 32L Volleyball Techniques216-17

P E 32LX Volleyball Techniques116-17

P E 32M Soccer Techniques216-17

P E 32MX Soccer Techniques116-17

P E 32N Track and Field Techniques216-17

P E 32P Techniques of Swimming216-17

P E 32S Women's Soccer Techniques216-17

P E 32SX Women's Soccer Techniques116-17

P E 32T Tennis Techniques216-17

P E 32W Softball Techniques216-17

P E 38W Intercollegiate Women's Badminton316-17

P E 38WX Intercollegiate Women's Badminton1 1/216-17

P E 38WY Intercollegiate Women's Badminton216-17

P E 39M Intercollegiate Men's Soccer316-17

P E 39MX Intercollegiate Men's Soccer1 1/216-17

P E 39MY Intercollegiate Men's Soccer216-17

P E 39W Intercollegiate Women's Soccer316-17

P E 39WX Intercollegiate Women's Soccer1 1/216-17

P E 39WY Intercollegiate Women's Soccer216-17

P E 40 Intercollegiate Football316-17

P E 40X Intercollegiate Football1 1/216-17

P E 40Y Intercollegiate Football216-17

P E 41 Intercollegiate Water Polo316-17

P E 41X Intercollegiate Water Polo1 1/216-17

P E 41Y Intercollegiate Water Polo216-17

P E 42W Intercollegiate Women's Volleyball316-17

P E 42WX Intercollegiate Women's Volleyball1 1/216-17

P E 42WY Intercollegiate Women's Volleyball216-17

P E 43 Intercollegiate Cross Country (Men and Women)316-17

P E 43X Intercollegiate Cross Country (Men and Women)1 1/216-17

P E 43Y Intercollegiate Cross Country (Men and Women)216-17

P E 44M Intercollegiate Men's Basketball316-17

P E 44MX Intercollegiate Men's Basketball1 1/216-17

P E 44MY Intercollegiate Men's Basketball216-17

P E 44W Intercollegiate Women's Basketball316-17

P E 44WX Intercollegiate Women's Basketball1 1/216-17

P E 44WY Intercollegiate Women's Basketball216-17

P E 45 Intercollegiate Swimming and Diving (Men and Women)316-17

P E 45X Intercollegiate Swimming and Diving (Men and Women)1 1/216-17

P E 45Y Intercollegiate Swimming and Diving (Men and Women)216-17

P E 46 Intercollegiate Track and Field (Men and Women)316-17

P E 46X Intercollegiate Track and Field (Men and Women)1 1/216-17

P E 46Y Intercollegiate Track and Field (Men and Women)216-17

P E 47M Intercollegiate Baseball316-17

P E 47MX Intercollegiate Baseball1 1/216-17

P E 47MY Intercollegiate Baseball216-17

P E 47W Intercollegiate Softball316-17

P E 47WX Intercollegiate Softball1 1/216-17

P E 47WY Intercollegiate Softball216-17

P E 48M Intercollegiate Men's Tennis316-17

P E 48MX Intercollegiate Men's Tennis1 1/216-17

P E 48MY Intercollegiate Men's Tennis216-17

P E 48W Intercollegiate Women's Tennis316-17

P E 48WX Intercollegiate Women's Tennis1 1/216-17

P E 48WY Intercollegiate Women's Tennis216-17

P E 99 Orientation to Athletics116-17

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