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Student Services

Welcome to Spring Quarter 2017

Stacey Cooke

Message from

Stacey A. Cook,
VP of Student Services

  • Create seamless, well-connected services that benefit the college community
  • Implement innovative, effective approaches
    to serving students well by improving the services that we offer;
  • Develop a joint vision with SSPBT for Student Services at De Anza College; and
  • Address transfer rates as an immediate goal.

Our Programs

See our  A-Z list of Student Services with program descriptions, office locations and phone numbers.


2016 - 2017
Dates to Remember

  • Fall Quarter starts 9/26/16
  • Transfer Day 10/17/16
  • High School Partners 10/28/16
  • Winter Quarter 1/9/17
  • Spring Quarter 4/10/17
  • Commencement 6/30/17
  • Summer Session 7/3/17

Student Services
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