APASA Scholarship Recipients

2020 Susanne Chan (APASA) Scholarship Recipient ($1,000)

Diego Puducay2020 Susanne Chan (APASA) Scholarship Recipient

Major: Mathematics/Economics

Education goal: Transfer to University California, Berkeley or UCLA in Fall 2020 and obtain an AA-T in Economics for Transfer and AA in Liberal Arts- Science, Mathematics, and Engineering degrees from De Anza College.

Biography: Coming from an impoverished environment, Diego was able to create an opportunity for himself to thrive in college. After graduating from high school with a 2.0 GPA, he went directly into the workforce. From working in labor-intensive jobs which include warehouse work and stocking shelves for 6 years, Diego decided to attend Modesto Junior College part-time while continuing to work full-time at night. Since 2016, Diego’s tenacity allowed him to earn a 3.95 GPA, a certificate of achievement in astronomy and marine biology, acceptance into De Anza’s honors program, and UC Berkeley’s Transfer Alliance Project (TAP). As a first-generation college student, Diego is aspiring to transfer to UC Berkeley intending to major in mathematics and economics. Above all else, he wants his mother to witness her son capable of building a path that did not exist in their lives before.


2020 Shirley Kawazoe Memorial APASA Scholarship Recipient ($1,000)

Alicia Luong2020 Shirley Kawazoe Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Major: Psychology/Clinical Psychology 

Educational Goal: Transfer to University California, Berkeley in Fall 2020 and obtain an AA-T in Psychology degree from De Anza College.

Biography: Alicia is a second year student studying psychology who plans to achieve her Bachelor's, Master’s, and Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) degrees to prepare for a future career as a clinical psychologist. With her personal passions rooted in community advocacy, organizing, and leadership, she has taken on an abundance of roles in the Vietnamese-American community. As a Judge’s Coordinator, Alicia helped organize an annual Vietnamese culture show for her high school Vietnamese Student Association (VSA). She also volunteers with local non-profit and student organizations like the Vietnamese American Roundtable, PIVOT, Hoa Khôi Liên Trường, and Cal VSA Vision. Alicia is also a Youth Advisory Member for Allcove, where she does outreach with youth and represents youth needs in the development of Allcove’s new integrated mental health and primary care sites. She is able to manage and balance her academic pursuits and community involvement, all while representing the Bay Area as Miss Teen Vietnam of Northern California.

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