AAPI Advocacy Efforts

APASA‚Äôs core mission is to promote the interests of and voice the views and concerns of the AAPI community on campus. As a part of our organizational efforts, APASA advocates to uplift AAPI interests and the interests of other minoritized groups on campus. Below is our current list of recent actions. 

We post this information to make the campus aware of our current advocacy efforts and to hold ourselves and stakeholders accountable. If you are interested in participating in any advocacy efforts or would like to voice any ideas, please contact Khoa Nguyen at nguyenkhoa2@fhda.edu




5/1/2020 APASA Officers sent a letter to the Assembly Budget Committee to support the $2.5 million budget request made by Assemblyman Evan Low to fund a student success program to assist low income, disadvantaged, and first-generation Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) students complete their college degrees and close the achievement gap. Letter of Support
5/18/2020 A group of ASAM and APASA members met to discuss the lack of familiarity and work experience with AAPI students/programs that the DA presidential finalists demonstrated and came up with a letter of concern that was sent to Chancellor Judy Miner.
Letter of Concern
6/2/2020 A Statement of Solidarity with feedback from ASAM and APASA members was drafted. The official statement was presented by Christine Chai and Dawn Lee Tu at the Board of Trustees meeting on June 2, 2020. Statement of Solidarity
6/3/2020 ASAM and APASA sent an official Welcome Letter to Dr. Lloyd Holmes, 4th President of De Anza, to welcome him to De Anza and indicating our interest in meeting and working with him to advance AAPI interests. Welcome Letter 
8/6/2020 AAPI working group met with Dr. Holmes to follow-up on issues raised in Welcome Letter, to introduce ourselves, and to begin ongoing dialogue about AAPI needs and interests on campus. Dr. Holmes agreed to meet again. Who Are We?: The De Anza AAPI Community
Since 5/2020 AAPI working group members joined the college's AANAPISI/HSI/SIP federal grants work group to prepare for the anticipated AANAPISI and SIP grant application requests, expected in January 2021. History of AANAPISI at De Anza
Since 8/2020 AAPI working group/APASA members have attended the Instructional Planning and Budget Team (IPBT) meetings.  
Since 9/2020

Two AAPI working group/APASA members joined the IPBT as voting members.

AAPI working group members joined the college's Federal Grants Core Team to participate in the preparation of the AANAPISI grant application.


AAPI working group became the Advocacy sub-committee of APASA.

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