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CAN/DID Personal Stories: Filipinx American Pride

Oct. 24, 2023

Erick Aragon

Celebrate Filipinx American History Month with two additions to the previous CAN/DID Inclusion series featuring Erick Aragon, faculty director of the Office of Outreach and Relations with Schools.

Aragon discuses the importance of seeing Filipinx representation, explaining how important it is to see role models from one’s own community. He also discusses Filipinx history.

Filipinx American History Month spans the month of October and we're celebrating by sharing videos online and on De Anza's social media accounts. You’ll find the new videos, along with others released for Filipinx American History Month last year, at

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CAN/DID is a multimedia series that examines equity and social justice issues – with the goal of building community – by drawing on the knowledge and experiences of De Anza College students, faculty and staff.

In addition to sharing earlier "Personal Stories" featuring Asian American, Pacific Islander, Black, Latinx and LGBTQ+ perspectives, the series has explored the Black Lives Matter movement, provided context and strategies for countering anti-Asian racism and celebrated De Anza's unique Intercultural Studies programs

CAN/DID is produced by the multimedia team and others in De Anza’s Office of Communications, in consultation with the Office of Equity, Social Justice and Multicultural Education, college affinity groups, and others.

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