CAN/DID: Stopping Anti-Asian Hate

These videos in the CAN/DID series examined anti-Asian scapegoating and racist attacks on people of Asian descent during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of this series, Mae Lee, chair of Asian American and Asian Studies, provides historic context and tools for understanding and confronting this racism – by using an Asian Americanist analysis. 

How Do We Make Sense
of What's Going On?

Anti-Asian Racism:
Beyond Acts of Hate

What Can We Do
About Anti-Asian Racism?

Taking a Stand

In a February 2021 email to students, faculty and classified professionals, President Lloyd A. Holmes outlined plans for a collegewide response to anti-Asian racism. That response includes opportunities for the college community to share knowledge and solidarity against racism. Visit the Standing Against Racism webpage to learn more. 

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What Is CAN/DID?

  • An ongoing multimedia series that builds on the knowledge and experience of De Anza College students, faculty members and classified professionals
  • An exploration of equity and social justice issues – including lessons we can all learn from the struggles of many different groups and individuals
  • See more videos below!

CAN/DID Personal Stories

Earlier this year, we launched "CAN/DID Personal Stories" to share personal experiences and insights from members of the De Anza community.

Payton Sample

Sharing Experiences As a Black Person

Students and others spoke about Black heritage for this new series celebrating Black History Month in 2024. A previous series in 2022 featured speakers who shared their "Experiences as a Black Person."

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Erick Aragon

Experiences in the Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities

These videos were released during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May 2022, with more releases during Filipinx American Heritage Month in October 2022.

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two women talking

Honoring LGBTQ+ History and Coming Out

Members of De Anza's LGBTQ+ community shared their personal stories in these videos. They were released in October 2022 to commemorate LGBTQ+ History Month and National Coming Out Day.

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Natalie Elias

Celebrating Latinx Heritage and Experiences

CAN/DID released these videos, featuring a De Anza student talking about her experiences, in honor of Latinx Heritage Month, from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 in 2022. Look for more Personal Stories soon!

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CAN/DID Series Wins National Recognition

De Anza’s CAN/DID Inclusion Series has been honored for outstanding communication and creativity by a national organization of communications professionals. The series earned a Silver Paragon award from the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations – which draws members from two-year colleges across the U.S. and Canada. The award was in the category for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion campaigns.

Previously In the Series

Here are some other previous installments in the CAN/DID Inclusion series.

smiling faces of seven people: CAN/DID Inclusion Series

Celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride

How would members of De Anza's LGBTQ+ community describe their views on love, coming out and other questions?

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Black man in sportcoat: What Is Black Lives Matter?

What Is Black Lives Matter?

What does this important social movement mean to Black students, faculty members and classified professionals at De Anza?

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Smiling Latinx man in front of 3 smiling students: Inclusion in Practice at De Anza

Intercultural Studies at De Anza

What are the vision and goals behind the creation of De Anza's ethnic studies program – and what makes it unique?

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About the Name

"Can" represents the opportunity for action and positive progress. "Did" acknowledges the history – good and bad – that we are building on. And "candid" means open and honest, which the series will be.

CAN/DID is produced by De Anza's Office of Communications in consultation with the Office of Equity, Social Justice and Multicultural Education and other campus experts.



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The series was developed to expand on collegewide efforts that followed the murder of George Floyd in May 2020. Those efforts included funding of a full-time, permanent position for an Umoja program counselor, online discussions and activities for students and employees, and the creation of the Standing Against Racism resource webpage.

Resources for Support and Further Exploration

College Resources

Academic Programs

Campus Organizations

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Learning Communities

Community Resources

Here are some (mostly) local organizations that offer information, training and advocacy for racial equity and social justice.

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