Luiza (she/they)
Lead Mentor

Hello! My name is Luiza and I’m the Lead Mentor for Mentors at De Anza. I’m also the DASG Chair of Equity and Diversity, president for the Red Cross Club, co-president for the Psychology Club and an ESL tutor! I currently study psychology and political science here at De Anza and hopefully will continue my studies for psychology next year at a university. I love being involved to people and the community (hence my major and what I’m involved with). My advice for now would be to listen more!
Amanda (he/they)
Senior Mentor for Peer Pairings

Hi! My name is Amanda and my pronouns are he/they. I am a second-year Psychology major and the Senior Mentor of Peer Pairings for Mentors@De Anza. I hope to help my De Anza peers strengthen their sense of community in De Anza by building connections with each other and with the abundant resources available to us on campus!
Preena (she/her)
Second Mentor for Peer Pairings

Preena Patel, public health/political science, senior mentor for peer pairings, i really love to surf.
Emma (she/her)
Senior Mentor for Podcast

Hello hello! I am Emma and I’m a second-year Economics major at De Anza. Besides studying Economics, I enjoy writing stories, playing piano, and volunteering. I am the Senior Mentor for Podcast, and I aspire to use my voice to spotlight De Anza students’ stories and bring inspiration to you!
Thomas (he/him)
Second Mentor for Podcast

Greetings all, I am Thomas Dudley, I am an economics and international relations double major with me being the second mentor for podcast. I like to go running, exercise regularly, and think about international relations problems like the offense defense balance.
Rose (she/her)
Senior Mentor for Programs

Hello~ I'm Rose, a second year biology major and the Senior Mentor of Programs! When I'm not tutoring at the MSRC or doing schoolwork, I like to read, bake, and listen to music. I look forward to planning fun events for everyone this year :))

Photo of Duyen smiling

Duyen (she/her)
Second Senior Mentor for Programs

Greetings everyone! My name is Duyen Nguyen, known as Jessica Nguyen. I’m a sophomore at De Anza College majoring in Business Administration. I will transfer to a CSU this Fall 2022 with concentration in Corporate Accounting and Finance. I am also a Second Senior Mentor of Programs for Mentor@DeAnza and a Team Member at our Campus Store. I hope I can help students by planning as many helpful events and programs as I could during the academic year for students to prepare for their career goal, transfer goal, etc. Fun fact: the reason why I chose to become a Senior Mentor is that there were some of students including freshman have confessed to me about how hard it is to familiarize themselves with the College Life and the programs since we are moving to online. So that’s the reason why I am here for you ^u^

Fatima (she/her)

Senior Mentor for Marketing

Hey Everyone! My name is Fatima Ahmed and this is my second year at De Anza College. I am a Business Major! I am the Senior mentor of marketing. I am also the ICC chair of Marketing and an English tutor at the WRC. One piece of advice I have for students is to take advantage of the opportunities at De Anza. There are so many ways to get involved in the community! Dm me for any questions:)

Jana (she/her)

Second Mentor for Marketing

My name is Jana Ly and am the second Senior Mentor of Marketing. I am a second-year student at De Anza majoring in biochemistry. I enjoy cooking, hiking, watching Twitch/YouTube, doing jigsaw puzzles, or looking at PetFinder.

Naxely (she/her)
Senior Mentor for Mentorship Training

Hi everyone! My name is Naxely, it means "I love you" in the Nahuatl (Aztec) language. I am currently a psychology major and the Senior Mentor of Training for Mentors@DeAnza. I enjoy reading, traveling, shopping & creating new friendships :-)

Megan (she/her)
Second Mentor for Mentorship Training

Hi everyone! My name is Megan (she/her), and I am a second-year nursing major at De Anza. In addition to being the Second Senior Mentor for Mentorship Training, I am also the treasurer for Medical Outreach Association (MOA) and a tutor for the MSTRC. If my schedule allows, I'd like to travel around the world some day!
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