BIOL6A - Form & Function in the Biological World

This course is an introduction to biology and scientific methods for students beginning the biology major series. It covers the structure and physiological processes of living organisms, with an emphasis on plants and animals.

Course Syllabus

Course syllabus will be available to all registered (and waitlisted) students via email,  prior to the beginning of the quarter.

What to Expect for the BIOL6A Fall 2022 Class

If you are registering for this BIOL6A - Form & Function class during Fall 2022 quarter, please note that the class will be offered as a HYBRID class. The lab portion of the course will be in-person twice a week at De Anza college. The lecture portion will be online and asynchronous ("self-paced" with no Zoom meeting).  The "TBA" does not mean that a time will be given, it means online. Lecture content will be located on Canvas in the form of video recordings and PDFs of lecture materials. Resources you need: the course uses Campbell Biology, (12th Edition), as the class reference text, that students may purchase. However, there is also a  freely available online textbook (Biology 2e) that students can use as well.  You do not need to purchase a lab manual (one will be provided for download).

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