BIOL6A - Cellular & Molecular Biology

This course is an introduction to cellular structure and function, biological molecules, bioenergetics, molecular genetics, and cell proliferation. The laboratory includes extensive hands-on experimentation in molecular biology.

Course Syllabus

Course syllabus will be available to all registered (and waitlisted) students via email,  prior to the beginning of the quarter.

What to Expect for the BIOL6B - Winter 2024 - Hybrid Class

The BIOL6B - Cell & Molecular Biology class is now offered as a hybrid class.  This means that this course has and ONLINE asynchronous LECTURE (self-paced online) and an IN-PERSON synchronous LAB (meets in person on De Anza campus) components. Lecture content will be located on Canvas in the form of video recordings and PDFs of lecture materials. Labs will meet in person, on De Anza campus, at the time indicated when you register for the class. Lab content will also include video recordings of lab introductions, online activities (such as lab simulations, videos of laboratory techniques, etc), and an electronic lab notebook to be completed each time we finish a specific lab. This course uses Campbell Biology, (12th Edition), as the class reference text, that students may purchase. There is a  freely available online textbook (Biology 2e) that students can use as well.  You do not need to purchase a lab manual (one is freely provided for download).

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