NUTRITION 10 - Contemporary Nutrition


This 4-unit course is an overview of Contemporary Nutrition. We examine and evaluate the many confusing and complex nutritional claims we are bombarded with almost daily in magazines, books, on TV and on the internet: how much carbs and what type to eat, low fat vs high fat diets, protein needs, vitamins and minerals, dietary supplements, fad diets, what kind of diet REALLY leads to weight loss, the role of diet on health and disease, and much more.

This course is designed to help you learn and succeed. It is divided into Modules. There will be 7 short tests taken (online), with no final exam (but the last test is taken during final exams week). The lowest test score gets dropped, so if you take tests #1-6 and you're happy with your scores, you do not need to take test #7.

You can take each test twice -- the higher score is the one that is kept.

This quarter my section of Nutrition 10 is an 8 week, accelerated LATE-START course: The same course content of a "regular" Nutrition 10 is presented in 8 instead of 12 weeks.

The official dates of this class are May 6 - June 28.  However, the class will unofficially open 4 weeks early on Canvas, on the first day of Spring quarter, April 8. You can get a head start on the class if you want, which would lighten your load during those 8 weeks :-)

This class is an asynchronous, online course.  There are NO mandatory class meetings. No in-person OR Zoom class meetings. All of the course content is delivered on Canvas.

Great News! There is NO TEXTBOOK TO BUY -- all of the course content is delivered on Canvas. (I will share the link to a free nutrition textbook for those students who want one but reading it is not required: No readings will be assigned from it)

The syllabus is provided as a web-based "liquid" syllabus. On the first page you can access a traditional, printable syllabus as a pdf file.

I provide a lot of contact and help to my students who sometimes struggle without regular in-person class meetings.  Watch this very short video (<3 min) to gain realistic expectations about taking classes online and to help you succeed in this course: What it takes to be a successful online student

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