NUT 62G - Dieting: Sifting Fact from Fiction

This is a 1-unit, fully online course. It is being offered Summer quarter 2023 as an 6-week course

The official start date is Monday July 3 but it will open a few days early, on Friday June 30

Summer 2023 Syllabus

The syllabus is provided as a web-based "liquid" syllabus. On the first page you can access a traditional, printable syllabus as a pdf file.

Course Description: Causes and contributing factors of overweight/obesity; evaluation of popular weight control diets and programs and effective methods of weight loss.


  • This class is not a general nutrition course
  • Students to not learn how to select a healthy diet; nor do we explore the many contemporary issues around nutrition
  • It is dedicated only to the topic of weight loss
  • But....this course is not a weight loss program. It provides applicable information for the person who wants to lose weight or maintain weight loss.  It also provides value to professionals such as personal trainers, coaches and nurses who work with people managing their weight. 
  • Remember, this is a 1 unit course!
  • There are no exams in this class -- just several quizzes which you can take twice if you didn't get a high score on the first attempt.
  • It's REALLY easy to get an A+ in this class. It focuses more on application than academics.

This class is completely online. It is accessed through Canvas.  

Many students do not have realistic expectations about online courses. Watch this very short video (<3 min) to help you succeed in this online course: What it takes to be a successful online student

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