Introduction to Environmental Science

Welcome to Environmental Science 1. This will introduce you to concepts in Ecology, Energy Conservation, Renewable Energy, Pollution Prevention and Sustainability. Please see the syllabus for details on course content, lecture topics, assignments, assessments, grading and guidelines for all assignments and assessments.

Course Documents

Spring 2019 Syllabus

Spring 2019 Syllabus Rev 3

Study Guide Quiz 1


Study Guide Quiz 3

Lecture Slides

Week 1 Four Global Challenges

Week 2 Science_ScientificMethod_EnvScience

Week 3 Ecosystems Structure

Week 3 Ecosystems Energy and Nutrient Flow

Week 4 Ecosystems Biogeochemical Cycles

Week 4 Ecosystems Ecosystem Services

Week 5 Ecosystems Disturbance and Resilience

Week 5 Evolution and Biodiversity

Week 6 No Lecture Team Presentations on Biomes

Week 7 Biodiversity Crisis

Week 7 Landscape Connectivity

Week 8 Natural Resource Water

Week 9 Natural Resource Air Global Warming

Week 9 Natural Resource Air Pollution

Week 10 Natural Resource Energy_Renewables

Week 10 Natural Resource Soil

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