Instructor - Automotive Technology

Classes I Teach

Classes I Teach

Fall 2024

23611AUTO 91A55Automotive Brakes
23879AUTO 92A55Automotive Steering and Suspension

Evening Chassis Program

Recieve your certificate after only three classes!

The Evening Chassis Program offers the following degrees and certificates:

  • Certificate of Achievement
    AUTO 61A  Automotive Brake Systems         4.5
    AUTO 61B Electronically Controlled Brake Systems   4.5
    AUTO 62A Automotive Suspension, Steering and Alignment   9
      Total Units Required.....................................   18


  • Certificated of Achievement Advance

    AUTO 53A Automotive Mechanisms        4
    AUTO 60 Automotive Electrical Systems   9
    AUTO 60A Electrical Schematic Diagnosis    4.5
    AUTO 60B Automotive Electronics   4.5
    AUTO 61A Automotive Brake Systems   4.5
    AUTO 61B Electronically Controlled Brake Systems   4.5
    AUTO 62A Automotive Suspension, Steering and Alignment   9
    AUTO 62B Advanced Wheel Alignment   9
      Total Units Required.....................................   49


  • Associate Degree of Science, Automotive Chassis Technology
    •  Complete the Cert. of Achievement-Advanced requirements                                  49

    •  General Education (32-43 units) Elective courses required when

      major units plus GE units total is Jess than 90

      Total Units Required..................................... 90

About Me

I have been an automotive technician since 1999. I worked at independent shops and Mercedes, Honda, and Acura Dealerships.  As a top grossing technician it's all about efficiency for me, whether I am doing electrical diagnostics or swapping pistons. In all my years of experience I am proud of proving that doing jobs the right way and taking care of customers equals efficiency and profitability.

The automotive industry is an essential service to our community. Friends and family rely on cars that are safe and operate properly for their daily needs. Costs to repair vehicles can be an economic hardship for many people. Being an efficient technician means more profits for us but also reduced cost to consumers.

My goals for the future are to promote expertise in automotive repair, strong work ethics, and passion for automotive technology, to the next generation of automotive technical professionals. 

My certificates and degrees:

  • A.A. Degree in Business and CIS emphasis, De Anza College
  • A.S. Degree in Advanced Engine Performance Technology, De Anza College
  • Acura Certified Master Technician
  • ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9
  • ASE Advanced Level Specialist: L1 Advanced Engine Performance, L3 Light Duty Hybrid/Electrical Vehicles
  • California Bureau of Automotive Repair Smog Check Inspector and Repair Licenses

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