FREE Auto Tech Classes (Noncredit)

  • No Fees

  • No Placement Tests

  • No Prerequisites

De Anza’s Automotive Technology program is offering free, noncredit courses that don’t require placement tests or prerequisites. This noncredit option is an affordable way to increase your knowledge, gain skills and get a fast track to employment – without paying for tuition. Noncredit classes do not count toward a degree or academic certificate.  

Ready to register?  Follow the same steps you'd follow for credit classes.

FREE Level 1 and Level 2 SMOG Classes

AUTO 365P and 365W: Level 1 and Level 2 SMOG training, Next Available Class is Spring 2020 (Class Begins April 14, 2020)

  • Required classes for all new licensed SMOG inspectors. Mandated by BAR 

Please contact Pete Vernazza for SMOG related questions:  (408) 864-8216,

FREE Auto Tech Introductory Classes 

AUTO 350A: Automotive Principles

  • Engine, lubrication and cooling theory; basic electrical

AUTO 350B: Applied Automotive Principles

  • Compression tests, vehicle inspections and oil changes

AUTO 351A: Automotive Principles – Chassis

  • Tire, wheel, suspension, alignment and brake system theory

AUTO 351B: Applied Automotive Principles – Chassis

  • Mounting and balancing tires; front end inspections; brake repair

FREE Auto Tech Evening Classes

AUTO 360: Electrical Systems

  • Principles of electricity, electronics, cranking and charging systems; testing, diagnosis and repair


AUTO 361A and 361B: Brake Systems and ABS

  • Maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of automotive brake systems, including ABS

AUTO 362A: Suspension, Steering, and Alignment

  • Suspension, steering, and alignment systems; maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting

AUTO 362B: Advanced Wheel Alignment & ADAS

  • Performance alignments, chassis simulation, and ADAS Calibration

Engine Performance

AUTO 360A and 360B: Electrical Schematic Diagnosis & Automotive Electronics

  • Wiring diagrams, schematics; troubleshooting electrical and electronic systems

AUTO 360F and 360G: No-Start Diagnosis and Advance Scan Tool Diagnosis

  • Diagnosing no-starts in fuel, ignition, and electrical systems. Advanced diagnosis using scan tools

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