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  • Free, noncredit courses do not require placement tests or have prerequisites
  • An affordable way to increase your knowledge, gain skills and get a fast track to employment – without paying for tuition
  • Miss out on the hands-on learning while on Zoom?  Noncredit classes are a way of "retaking" a class for free 

Noncredit classes do not count toward a degree or academic certificate. But you can earn a noncredit certificate of completion in Automotive Chassis Technology, General Service Technician and Smog Technician. Check the list of Degrees and Certificates for details and requirements, and see the list of free, noncredit daytime and evening courses below.

Noncredit Transcriptsare Now Available!

Congratulations to De Anza's first cohort of students who earned noncredit certificates:

  • Jane Becerra
  • Michael Cooper
  • Ramaseshan Iyengar
  • Diane Koh
  • Vivek Loganathan
  • Joe Mara
  • Bryan Park
  • Reginaldo Santini Jr.

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FREE Auto Tech Introductory Classes 

FREE Auto Tech Evening Classes

SMOG Training: Level 1 and Level 2 

Electrical Systems

  • AUTO 360: Electrical Systems


Engine Performance

Engine Repair


Alternative Fuels

  • AUTO 367A: Hybrid Electric Vehicles

  • AUTO 367B: Plug-In Electric Vehicle Technology

  • AUTO 367J: Introduction to Automotive and Light Truck Diesel Systems  

  •   AUTO 367G: Gaseous Fuels

Advanced Automotive Technology

  • AUTO 360K: Automotive Body Electrical

  • AUTO 366: Automotive Air Conditioning

Additional Classes

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