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I have been in the automotive industry since 1989 specializing in Driveability, Emissions and body electrical diagnosis and repair. I began teaching part-time in 1995 and full-time in 1998.

Classes I Teach

Summer 2024

13646APRN 65P95Smog Inspector - Level 1 Training
13647APRN 65W95Smog Inspector - Level 2 Training
13642AUTO 65P95Smog Inspector - Level 1 Training
13643AUTO 65W95Smog Inspector - Level 2 Training
13644AUTO 365P95Smog Inspector - Level 1 Training
13645AUTO 365W95Smog Inspector - Level 2 Training

Spring 2024

46076AUTO 69Y55Smog Check Update
44853AUTO 99E01Basic Engine Performance Diagnostic Procedures
44854AUTO 99F01Intermediate Engine Performance Diagnostic Procedures

Welcome to Auto 99, Electrical, Emissions and Engine Performance Program

Auto 99 is a one-year program that consists of six classes: Auto 99A through 99F.  Each class is 6 weeks in length with class meeting Monday-Friday from 7:30 am until 12:10pm which equates to about 800 hours.   

The classes are approximately 50% lab and 50% lecture. We use primarily GM, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota vehicles for the lab exercises. 

CA State Smog Exam

Since 2003, an average of 75% of all Auto 99 students have passed the CA State Smog Exam shortly after graduation in June. The following certifications are included in Auto 99 (pending test results) and are necessary to qualify to take the CA State Smog Exam: Engine and Emission Control (Level 1), Smog Check Inspection Training (Level 2), and the 2001 through 2013 Smog Update Classes. For questions about obtaining a CA Smog Check License, please contact Pete Vernazza.

For more information about the De Anza Auto Tech Program, visit the Auto Tech Dept. Website

Here is the coolest video showcasing the coolest Auto Tech Program in the Nation! De Anza Auto Tech Video

Faculty Info

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Pete Vernazza

Automotive Technology




Office Hours

Spring 2018

12:30pm to 1:30pm


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