Online Resources for Instructors

MyPortal Class Roster Email Distribution List

The Class Roster is a tool all faculty use to manage their student lists. Visit the MyPortal Resources for Faculty website to learn more.

If you only need to distribute your course syllabus and an occasional document file to your students, the class roster email distribution system in MyPortal may suffice as your online communication tool for your class.

In addition to the MyPortal Faculty tools, which are supported by the Foothill-De Anza district Educational Technology Services (ETS) office, there are other online tools available for communicating with students.

Other Online Tools: What's Best for Your Class?

For a quick overview, see the Faculty Online Tool Matrix.

Remember, you have several options for communicating with students online at De Anza. The tool you use may depend on the type of class you are teaching, such as online education, hybrid or a traditional classroom setting.

Password-Protected Options

If you distribute information files often and prefer that students retrieve the information as needed, De Anza offers password-protected options, such as Canvas. For details, visit Online Education.

Public Faculty Websites

Department Faculty and Staff Listings

De Anza's Instructional Division and Department websites include lists of faculty contact information. Please check with your department chair about being added to this list if you are new or if your information is missing or incorrect.

Faculty Personal Websites

Historically, a variety of tools have been made available to faculty members for creating public personal websites, which are used for providing information about classes and posting documents for students. Public faculty websites are listed from the Faculty Website Directory.

Current Tools and Recommendation

Most recently, we've provided De Anza instructors with a faculty website template and an OmniUpdate account for managing their own public website. 

Faculty Profile Web Page

If you want a public website that provides your faculty profile and your course syllabi, please contact the Web Team at

If you require more flexibility in a faculty public website than a single profile page, please request an account using the OmniUpdate Faculty Website Guide.

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