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Date: August 11, 2020
Time: 2-3:30 p.m.

  • Agenda

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    2 p.m.

    Approval of Notes from June 16, 2020



    2:05 p.m.

    CDC Update
    Bookstore Update (RFP)
    Dining Services Update



    2:15 p.m.

    3rd Quarter Report 2019/20
    Summary Of Major Changes 3rd Quarter 2019/20

    De Anza Budget Update:  APBT allocation for  budget reductions is approx.  $250k.



    2:40 p.m.

    Governance Review

    As approved by College Council, De Anza is reviewing its governance structure and processes, with a particular focus on equity and inclusion. President Lloyd Holmes has initiated the review by inviting all governance groups to complete this form by Aug. 14.

    Please use this document link for your input.



    3:10 p.m.

     Schedule Next Meeting



    3:20 p.m.

    Quick News



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  • Minutes

    Approval of Notes from June 16, 2020
    Grace Lim asked if the prior notes could include the her request that continuation of student employment be a priority of the Bookstore RFP. Lim's request was in the notes and Grey clarified that she would cover the RFP process, including participation by DASB, in the upcoming agenda item. The notes were approved with a correction to Lim's name.

     Child Development Center (CDC)
    Harada thanked Grey and the PBT for their support in fully reopening of the CDC under the Dept. of Health guidelines. Harada shared a presentation of the children playing in their PPE.  She confirmed that the children keep their masks on all day exept for when they take refreshments and then social distancing protocols are strickly enforced.  Children have child-specific smaller masks. The children’s PPE is provided by their parents. The center has been open since July 13, 2020. The parents are very supportive and the center is a very positive and uplifting experience for the children and teachers. There may be as many as 70 children at the CDC in Fall, depending on Dept. of Health rules.  Harada already discussed requirements regarding the HVAC system in the CDC with Dept. of Health. District Facilities are closely monitoring the requirements for what will be needed for reopening the campus.

    Bookstore Request for Proposal (RFP)
    Grey asked for a student and faculty member to participate on the Bookstore RFP committee. This would be an approx. 25-hour commitment working over the summer and into the fall quarter. The committee would be putting together the scope of work. After the scope of work and RFP is complete, the rest of the work will be attending the meetings/presentations/evaluating the vendors. The other committee members will be Foothill & De Anza Bookstore directors, Foothill & De Anza VPs, Foothill & De Anza classified professionals, Foothill & De Anza faculty, Foothill & De Anza students, the consultant and purchasing staff. Yi-Baker requested times be set for ease of fining students to serve on the committee. Times would be set by the committee at their first meeting. There is a short timeframe as the district is looking at transitioning in Spring quarter 2021. In response to Lim's request that there be more than one student serving from De Anza, Grey explained that there would be two students on the committee, one from De Anza and one from Foothill. Gannon reported that Grey strongly advocated for having two students on this committee to ensure that student voices from both colleges are heard.  Jeffrey Kasprow (DASB) volunteered to represent DASB.  Lim added her support for Kasprow to be the DASB rep.  Grey asked for a faculty member from the APBT to serve on this committee. Yi-Baker declined as she is not familiar with the instructional faculty experience with textbook ordering. Grey would reach out to the Academic Senate and ask for them to assign a second faculty rep to serve on the APBT and the RFP committee.  These types of competitive proposal RPFs are not open meetings.  They are similar to serving on a hiring committee in that the process has representatives from key consituents. Members will be signing confidentially agreements in accordance with the RFP process. Members will have to attend all the meetings.

    Dining Services
    The layoffs were approved by the Board at the August meeting.

    Budget Update
    De Anza typically takes up to 50% of the total of any anticipated budget reductions. Based on current information the estimated reductions are anticipated to be:

    APBT approx. $250k
    IPBT approx. $3.5M
    SSPBT approx. $2.25M

    The APBT only have a very few staff and departments in the general fund area. Grounds & Custodians, Fiscal Services, College Operations & half time postal services assistant. During the last budget reductions APBT protected as many positions as possible by moving salaries and benefits to self-sustaining areas such as facilities rental and dining services. Since the campus has been closed, these areas have no income. This is a very serious situation for the Administrative Services Division. Another meeting will be schedule in summer to discuss the budget reductions in more detail. Meanwhile, Grey asked that the team take time to consider the agenda item and familarizing themselves with the Administrative Services Division functions and be prepared to give input at the next meeting.

    Governance Review
    Participatory Governance is in the Ed. Code but the form it must take is not specified. For accreditation purposes, colleges do need to document there is a participatory governance process in place but does not stipulate the structure or process.  As approved by College Council in June 2020, De Anza is reviewing its governance structure and processes, with a particular focus on equity and inclusion. President Lloyd Holmes has initiated the review by inviting all governance groups to complete a survey by Aug. 14. The survey was emailed out to the committee a week before the meeting and members were asked review and/or complete the form and send feedback to the APBT prior to this meeting.  There was robust discussion on the merits and drawbacks of the present governance structure which has been in place for at least 20 years. There are many factors to consider including the large number of governance/stakeholder groups in the present structure; the workload and in-depth knowledge associated with serving on committees; the time commitment particularly for classified professionals who do not get release time for committee work; the current method of sharing and gathering of feedback from the representative constituent groups; dynamics of constituent group reps regarding  perceived power and authority between employee groups and between employees and students; students feel like they are not being taken seriously and sometimes do not fully understand the agenda items; having many siloed governance groups are a barrier to holistic campus wide discussions and decisions; timeframes between meetings are too short to allow for reps to report back to their constituent groups and discuss/consider/prepare feedback in time for the next meeting. Some PBTs meet every week but many other constituent groups only meet once a month. This leads to the members of the committees being very knowledgeable and perhaps making decisions unilaterally and leaving the constituents feeling like information is not being shared and decisions are not transparent.

    The document would remain available on the website and the link was posted to the chat. Members were strongly encouraged to compete the survey by the deadline of August 14, 2020 and to be honest and thoughtful as this is a rare opportunity to help guide the future of the particapatory goverance structure.

    Schedule Next Meeting
    The next meeting is scheduled for September 1, 2020

    Quick News
    Yi-Baker reported that students are sharing digital copies of their textbooks.

    Present: Chand, Gannon, Gerard, Gore, Grey, Harada,  Jeffrey Kasprow (DASB),  Grace Lim (DASB), Arushi Sharma (DASB - Guest), Varela, Yi-Baker. Notes Gibson

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