Meeting Notes - December 4, 2017

Campus Center Advisory Committee

Approve Meeting Notes

The group reviewed and approved the notes from the November 13, 2017 meeting.

Update on Construction Projects

Grey shared with the group the status of construction projects on campus.

  • Campus signage is almost complete
  • Flint Center parking garage is wrapping up.
  • Campus lighting project is scheduled for completion December 15 but will likely be completely done by the start of the winter quarter.
  • CDC roofing project is still in process and the contractor is only working on the weekends.
  • The baseball field is growing in nicely and looks beautiful.
  • The soccer field is due to for completion in early January.
  • The VTA project on Stevens Creek will be completed soon.
  • The De Anza football field turf will be replaced under warranty. Work is scheduled to begin this week and will last approximately 5 weeks.
  • The Planetarium is in the design phase and will get a new roof and HVAC.
  • E2 project should wrap up at the end of the month.
  • Campus roadway striping project will begin soon.

Campus Center chair finishes

Lockwood proposed that all of the Campus Center chairs be the same chairs with the same finishes. She would like to do one chair stock to keep ease of purchase and keep chair replacement costs down. Shannakian and Gannon agreed all chairs should remain the same color. Lockwood shared there are many types of chairs on campus and would be much easier to keep it consistent, professional and clean looking. Lockwood can come up with an identifier for chairs that are to remain in the main dining hall for the custodial crew. Lockwood shared the current chairs are durable and are holding up well.


After reviewing the notes from the November 13th meeting, Robles inquired if and when additional power is added to the lower level of the campus center, would additional power be added in the EOPS area. Currently, 2 outlets are overloaded and often the power goes out. Grey conveyed the bottom floor of the Campus Center is maxed out regarding power and this would be part of adding additional circuits to the area.

Grey would like to change the meeting regarding a quorum. She would like more student involvement. The group shared possible ideas including changing the meeting dates and times. Fu conveyed that it would be best for the meeting to take place other than weeks 5-6 or during finals week. The group also discussed changing the meeting to twice a quarter so more students could participate in the governance process.

Quick News:

Yi-Baker shared that the current photo ID process is long and laborious. She would like to investigate and possibly move the process to the Student Council Chambers. Other ideas could include making the process a campus fair type situation.

Grey shared the next agenda will review all projects and costs review and a possible change to the calendar. The next meeting will be scheduled for January 22, 2017.

Present: Fu, Gannon, Grey, Lockwood, Robles, Shannakian, Yumori-Kaku

Notes: Gore 

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