Meeting Notes - May 14, 2013

1) Approve Notes from January 22, 2013

The notes were approved with a correction to the first paragraph.

2) Budget & Enrollment Update

Watson presented the updates referring to the handouts posted above.

May revised was released today. Watson reviewed the summary information posted by the State Chancellor's Office and League. More details information pertaining to FHDA will be available after the revise has been analyzed by the district.

IPBT, Deans and the enrollment management team are working hard to firm enrollment figures. The District still has 2013-14 year to gain back the 295 enrollment. We have a further two years 13-14 & 14-15 to regain the balance of the lost enrollment.

Repeatability, Title V changes and lower high school graduation rates have all impacted enrollment in most of California. Southern California is the only part of the State that has not seen a drop in enrollment.

3) Student Employment Changes for 2013-14

Watson provided a summary of the most significant changes and updates:

  • All students employees (except Work-Study and CalWorks students) must be enrolled in and completing at least 12 units at their primary campus (either Foothill or De Anza College) during the period of employment.
  • Federal Work-Study and CalWorks-funded employees must maintain at least 6 units of attempted and completed units.
  • All student employees are limited to working a maximum of 19 hours per week.
  • Despite the 4/10 workday schedule in the summer, students may not work more than 8 hours in one day.
  • Student employees hired for the summer session must either:
  • (a) Be enrolled in at least 6 units Summer Quarter, or
  • (b) Be continuing employment from the preceding Spring Quarter during which they successfully completed at least 12 units (6 units if in a Cal Works-funded student position).
  • Exception for Summer Quarter 2013 only: Student employees will only need to have completed at least 6 units Spring Quarter 2013.
  • Federal Work-Study student employees must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units for any and all terms during employment.
  • Student employees must maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative and quarterly GPA.
  • A student may be employed as a student employee until they have reached 150 total Foothill-De Anza attempted units. At that point the student becomes ineligible for student employment at the District. This 150 unit maximum rule will be enforced beginning Fall Quarter 2013.

Please refer to the policies & procedures manual for complete information and questions you may have.

Title V is California State policy. These students must be enrolled in more than 12 units and can only work less than 20 hrs. In general, these students are funded by non-federal funds. i.e. grants/perkins/ etc.

Title IV is Federal policy. Work study funded students are covered by Title IV. Title IV students still only need to be enrolled in 6 units.

Regulations are in line with the new Student Success implementation.

4) Materials Fees Update

Based on an audit finding from last year, the district policy is to eliminate all Materials Fees and to reinstate on a case by case basis. All Materials fees will be fully tracked and balances will be zeroed out at the end of the quarter.

Departments are doing a good job with spending down the materials fees.

Looking at other solutions including more online posting, moving around available funding and print kiosks

VTE are the auditors. Watson is working directly with the auditor with the goal of not receiving another audit finding.

5) Student Success Update

Student Success Act Implementation May 2013 Spreadsheet

What Exactly is Happening with the Implementation

Chow reviewed the latest update of the student success information as posted above. Conversations are occurring across campus which will help analyze the recommendations and drive planning agendas. The work groups are at different stages in planning so a full and complete picture will not be available for some time.

6) Measure C Update: Electric car chargers/ ATC/ Reorged Admin lobby space, etc

Information on the new electric car charging stations is located at :

Measure C updates are posted to the main Measure C web site at:

7) Quick News

Outreach event on Saturday May 11, 2013 welcomed approx. 3000 participants, including parents.

League for Innovation in the community colleges event went very well.

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