General Meeting Information

Date: January 14, 2020
Time: 2:00 p.m.
Location: ADM 106

  • Agenda

    Time Agenda Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:00 Welcome and Introductions I/D All
    2:10 Approval of Agenda and Minutes I/D/A King

    Standing Committee & Shared Governance Reports

    We will take time to get updates from all committee and governance groups since our last meeting in December was cancelled

    I/D King

    Student Support Fund

    Follow up and action items to spend Student Support Fund money from 2017-1018 and 2018-2019

    I/D/A King/Olsen

    Classified Professional Development Day

    Check in and gather ideas.

    I/D King

    Bylaws Committee

    Formation of Bylaws Committee and action items.

    I/D/A King

    Good of the order

    I/D/A All



    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes


    Members Present: Heidi King (president elect), Victoria Kahler (secretary), Scott Olsen (treasurer), Alex Harrell (communications officer), Stephanie Serna (sec. 2), Lorna Maynard (sec. 6), Jenny Vela (sec. 9), Keri Kirkpatrick (sec. 11), Dennis Shannakian (sec. 12), Ola Sabawi (sec. 13)

    Meeting Items

    Welcome to 2020!

    Approval of Minutes and Agenda

    Approval of the 11/12/19 and 11/26/19 minutes was postponed until the draft has been posted to the website for review.

    Standing Committee & Shared Governance Reports
    FHDA Board Meeting

    King attended the Board Meeting on 1-13-2020:

    • Patrick Ahrens, a Governing Board Member, plans to attend the next Classified Senate meeting on 1-28-2020 to talk about the upcoming bond measures and the parameters of the campaign.
    • There was discussion about raising the minimum wage of student employees to $15 per hour (which is Cupertino’s wage). Students/student employees are encouraged to attend board meetings to advocate for change.

    Maynard reported the IPBT is going over Program Reviews, especially in light of new faculty hires. She explained that the due date of Program Reviews was moved up this year so that De Anza will be competitive to hire instructors as early as semester-system schools do.

    Academic Senate

    Serna reported on Academic Senate’s discussions:

    • The upcoming bond measures--they would like to work with Classified Senate in the future in how bonds are used.
    • Class cancellations and how students are notified about cancellations and their add codes. Harrell noted that impacted students were notified by email on Friday of Week 1.
    • Hiring committees—Serna said that Academic Senate has a policy of requiring a 200-word statement for their members to join a hiring committee.
    • Upcoming elections—they brainstormed ideas of how to get more students to vote.
    Tech Committee

    Harrell reported that the Tech Committee is updating the tech plan and will send out a campus survey at some point.


    Kirkpatrick said that the last two SSPBT meetings of fall were cancelled, so nothing to report.

    Employee of the Month

    King announced that the EOM event has been moved to January 31, 2020. She will update the calendar, which will also show the upcoming trainings, such as UndocuAlly.

    Student Support Fund

    King said that we will need to discuss where the purchased items (Target and Dining Services cards) will be held for students. Ideas include: Outreach, ISP, Veterans Services, VIDA, Equity, EOPS, and DSS.

    Classified Professional Development Day

    King will be meeting with the presidents of the Foothill and Central Services Classified Senates soon. The Committee is planning a student panel to talk about their onboarding experiences with classified professionals. Patrick Ahrens has offered to moderate the panel. Classified Senators will have the opportunity to sign up to help with the event (sign in table, set up, etc).

    Serna pointed out that those who work 4-10s cannot attend the Day’s event nor ClassiFridays. King encouraged those who cannot attend to email her so that she can continue to advocate for release or comp time.

    Bylaws Committee

    Wil Byars (sec. 10) has offered to be on the Bylaws Committee to help move forward with reviewing and possibly revising some items: how we select delegates for search/hiring committees, the wording of the formula for the Student Support Fund, and how we define committees as standing vs. ad hoc.

    Good of the Order

    Hiler said that at the recent ACE meeting, they announced that the 6% COLA will be in the March 31st paycheck, retroactive to July 2019.

    Olsen said an announcement about the classification/compensation study is forthcoming in February.

    Serna asked those interested in representing their programs to ISP students to let her know if they can participate in the ISP orientation on March 16.

    Meeting adjourned at 2:47 pm

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