General Meeting Information

Date: January 28, 2020
Time: 2:00pm
Location: ADMIN 106

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:00-2:05 Welcome & Opening Activity I/D All
    2:05-2:15 Approval of Minutes - 1/14, 11/26, 11/12 I/D/A King
    2:15-2:20 Approval of Agenda I/D King
    2:20-2:40 Shared Governance Participation I/D King

    Standing Updates

    • IPBT
    • SSPBT
    • College Council
    • Academic Senate
    • Other Shared Governance Groups



    Updates from Senior Administration/Q&A



    Updates from last meeting - Bylaws Committee, Student Support Fund, Professional Development Day



    Good of the Order
    EOM Reminder



    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes [DRAFT]


    Members Present: Heidi King (president elect), Victoria Kahler (secretary), Scott Olsen (treasurer), Alex Harrell (communications officer), Lorna Maynard (sec. 6), Sofia Abad (sec. 7), Wil Byars (sec. 10), Keri Kirkpatrick (sec. 11), Dennis Shannakian (sec. 12), Ola Sabawi (sec. 13), Winnie Tse (DASB rep.)

    Guests: Marilyn Booye (SSPBT), Tracy Chung-Tabangcura (PD comm.), Christina Espinoza-Pieb (DA Interim President)

    Meeting Items


    Welcome new DASB Representative, Winnie Tse, to the meeting! Also, happy birthday, Christina Espinoza-Pieb!

    Approval of Minutes and Agenda

    Olsen moved, Maynard seconded to approve the 11/26/2019 minutes with correction to the DASB link on the website. Minutes approved by consensus.

    Harrell moved, Shannakian seconded to approve the 1/14/2020 minutes with correction to regarding Byars’ participation on Bylaws committee. Minutes approved by consensus.

    Harrell moved, Maynard seconded to approve the 11/12/2019 minutes. Minutes approved by consensus.

    Byars moved, Maynard seconded to approve the current 1/28/2020 agenda. Agenda approved by consensus.

    Shared Governance Participation

    King noted the need to clarify how the Shared Governance process works. She explained that classified representatives are on various committees—in particular Planning and Budget Teams (PBTs)--and share information at Senate meetings or via email. King encourage anyone with questions or feedback on any issue to let her or a committee rep know. Booye reiterated this as a PBT rep and gave her extension: 8952. King also made the following announcements on this issue:

    1. “Bigger,” more important committee items will be given time on CS agendas rather than being solely part of committee report-outs.
    2. A link to the various Shared Governance committees’ minutes will be on the Classified Senate news page. Espinoza-Pieb added that her office can create a webpage showing all representatives on these committees. 

    Updates from Senior Administration/Q&A

    Espinoza-Pieb fielded questions from those in attendance and shared info:

    • New hires in the district are receiving training for their positions, sometimes with help from retirees who kindly volunteer their time to provide historical/institutional knowledge.
    • The current budget situation is doing well.
    • Enrollment is down about 2% but based on the new funding model the district is held harmless until 2022. The decrease in enrollment is mainly attributed to families moving out of the area due to high property costs, which is also causing closures of a couple local elementary schools as well as consistently declining high school graduation rates.
    • De Anza is looking at ways to grow enrollment and ways to maximize the new funding model, such as automating students accepting earned certificates. In addition, various departments/divisions are adapting class schedules with student convenience in mind. However, class scheduling varies with regard to the contractual rights of faculty too.

    Standing Committee & Shared Governance Reports

    Maynard shared the IPBT ranked faculty hiring for 2020-21.

    She explained that decisions were based on boosting enrollment and with use of the Inquiry Tool in MyPortal with closing achievement gaps in mind.

    Booye reported that Laureen Balducci, Dean of Counseling and Disability Support Programs and Services, provided information about the Guided Pathways Update and the Student Retention Program. The recent Guided Pathways meeting was well attended by counselors and faculty. Student Retention is moving from a punitive to a more supportive model. 1400 students are currently on academic probation. Early intervention seems the key to success with students. Balducci plans to visit an upcoming CS meeting to share the full presentation info.

    Student Support Fund

    Booye suggested using dining vouchers for foster youth.

    Olsen pointed out that Dining Services has “sandwich vouchers” which are for the exact amount so that funds do not go unused.

    Good of the Order

    King reminded that the Employee of the Month event is January 31 in the Fireside Room at 1 pm. Also, Professional Development Day will be May 15. A save the date will be posted on the CS webpage.

    Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm

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