General Meeting Information

Date: February 14, 2023
Time: 2:00pm
Location: Hybrid

In Person: MLC255

Online: Zoom

Meeting ID: 8914-4578-265

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    2:00pm Welcome and Introductions I/D All
    2:07pm Approval of Agenda and Minutes I/D/A All

    Senate Business

    • Recruiting Roles for Executive Committee Vacancies: Secretary, Communications, President
    • Nomination of Program Allocation Committee - Jason Sousa, Andre Meggerson, Tina Lockwood, Bidya Subedi, Dennis Shannakian (proxy for Mallory)
    • Nomination of Elections Committee - Sushini Chand, Adriana Garcia, Juan Diaz
    • Standing CS Committees
      • Black History Month 
      • Professional Development Day - Friday, May 19, 2023 
      • Native American Heritage Month - There There Book by Tommy Orange 
      • CSEA Solidarity Resolution 
    • Winter Gathering on Fri March 17th 11am-2pm,
      • goals 
        • review bylaws and suggest amendments
        • build community ideally among senate members and larger classified community
        • Professional Development trainings
      • where
      • who can lead this work?
    I/D All

    Measure G Classified Member Panel - For More Info

    I/D/A Creative Arts and Facilities Employees 

    Conversation Prompted by Lloyd Holmes at College Council. What can we do to encourage classified professionals to participate in shared governance and leadership committees?


    Shared Governance Reports

    1. Academic Senate
    2. DASG
    3. College Council 
    4. EAC
    5. PAC
    6. Campus Facilities Committee
    7. Tech Committee 
    8. SLO Steering Committee
    9. Student Services Planning and Budget Team
    10. Administrative Services Planning and Budget Team
    11. Instructional Planning and Budget Team
    12. Budget Task Force/Budget Committee
    13. College Planning Committee
    14. Accreditation
    15. District Diversity and Equity Advisory Committee 
    16. District Budget Advisory Committee 
    17. Chancellor's Advisory Council
    18. Human Resources Advisory Committee 
    19. Board of Trustees  
    20. Art on Campus Advisory 
    21. Campus Center Advisory 
    22. Guided Pathways 


    Classified Reps/Liaisons

    Next Steps

    • Measure G- Creative Arts Solidarity Committee
    • Complete Survey - For More Info
    • Black History Month + Women's History Month Mash Up Committee


    Feb 14 2023 12:30pm Village Spaces Grand Opening

    Feb 14, 2023 3:30pm Partners in Learning

    Feb 15, 2023 Upcoming Prof Dev Opportunity- Register Here

    Feb 17/20 Holidays! Enjoy your 4 day weekend!




    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

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  • Agenda Feb 14, 2023
  • Minutes Feb 14, 2023

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