Draft Meeting Notes - January 14, 2016

Approval of Minutes of December 3, 2015

The notes were approved.

Proposed New Technology Task Force Mission and Membership

Co-chairs Spatafore and Pape shared a presentation reflecting the details of the proposed plan. The Technology Task Force is an advisory committee to College Council. The Technology Task Force members reviewed the current vision, principles, roles and charge and decided that it was time to update the framework of the Task Force. The refined committee would centralize technology for the whole campus. The proposal to change the name to Technology Committee rather than Technology task force reflects the permanent ongoing standing committee. Among other proposals was to replace the vision statement with mission statement and update the membership. Full details are in the presentation at http://www.deanza.edu/gov/college_council/documents/TTF_Presentation_CC_Jan_2016.pdf

Draft Accreditation Timeline and Standards Teams

Newell presented a proposal on behalf of the College Planning Committee which included 3 separate proposals: 1) From now through the site visit in fall 2017, the College Planning Committee will become the Accreditation Steering Committee responsible for: monitoring progress on the self-study report, drafting the quality focus essay, compiling the self-study reports into one document, soliciting feedback from the campus community, and incorporating the feedback into the final draft.2) Our current shared governance groups will serve as the self-study teams for their respective areas for the duration of the accreditation self-study process. Newell shared the Standards that would be assigned to each governance group 3) A timeline for completion of the self-study report was then shared. Full details are in the presentation at http://www.deanza.edu/ir/planning/planning_files/Accreditation_Teams_Timeline_Proposal.pdf

College Council approved all three proposals and extended their thanks to Mallory and Mayra for their thoughtful and excellent work.

Murphy added his thanks stating the allocation of resources is ingenious and smart. He asked the campus to be supportive of Mallory and the Accreditation process.

Budget Update

Cheu shared a brief budget update noting that there are no cuts this year. The State’s revenue outlook continues to improve. The budget process is not finalized and still has to go through the State governance approval process. She highlighted the major points and noted that much of the money is allocated for specific uses and cannot be used for general ongoing funding (e.g. SSSP, Equity, CTE, Workforce, Basic Skills, etc). She also reminded the members of the current notes of caution including substantial challenges in the coming years as Prop 30 (sales tax provision) sunsets at the end of 2016; the income tax provision expires at the end of 2018; and increases to the STRS and PERS employer contribution rates. Full details are in the presentation http://www.deanza.edu/gov/college_council/documents/BudgetUpdate_CC_Jan2016.pdf

Markus reminded the team that the FA News also includes a budget overview.

Capital Project Fund Update - Lighting Project

Cheu shared a presentation for the need to use approx. $634K from the Capital Project Fund (Fund 400) for the campuswide lighting project. De Anza students have repeatedly identified campus lighting as a safety concern. $634,000 was initially allocated through FY15/16 Scheduled Maintenance monies to purchase and install light bulbs and fixtures to improve lighting in the L Quad, S Quad and A Quad. The Science Center chiller issue resulted in the college using the Scheduled Maintenance funding originally allocated to the lighting project for the chillers. The campus needs to identify another funding source for the lighting project. Fund 400 is the only funding source that will allow us to start the project this fiscal year. Full details are in the presentation http://www.deanza.edu/gov/college_council/documents/CapitalProjectFund_FY15_16_CollegeCouncil_LightingProjectUpdate_Jan%202016.pdf

The Facilities Committee approved this proposal. The scope of the lighting project includes consistency and energy use.

Murphy shared some details of the issues surrounding the Science Center chillers. Fortunately the work will not effect instruction.

College Council approved the allocation.

Infusing Equity in Governance “Spotlighting Equity” at College Council Update on EO Plan

Cruz presented this item advising the members that the Equity team and HR have joined together to work on the implementation of a distictwide state mandated EO plan. A draft will be available in April 2016. Cruz stated that the group is looking at equity work districtwide and particularly within the HR area. Consistency across the district is a goal of the committee.

Spotlighting Equity. The Equity team is proposing to research who is doing equity work across campus and gathering the supporting data. The goal is to give a “face” to equity and to show the real benefits to our students in advancing the college’s equity focus. It would be a valuable leaning and sharing of solid practices opportunity. DASB, FA, Classified and Academic Senate reps supported the proposal stating it would help set the “tone” of equity across the campus and assist in building relationships and take the theory of equity and turn it into practice.  

The college has already adopted a student equity plan that was submitted to the State. 

The members approved the proposal. Cruz requested feedback and participation from all constituent groups on campus to assist in providing data and examples to share. The members asked Cruz to be mindful of other time demands on faculty and staff. 

Cruz then shared background and insight of the work that Equity has been doing. She explained the importance of each campus group to participate and how by working as a team institutional change and transformation can be accomplished. 

Murphy shared his perspective and gave his wholehearted support of the importance of the Equity work. He acknowledged such conversations and in-depth discussions are not without challenges but that with the experience and dedication of the faculty, staff and students we can make a difference. 

Quick News:

Board approved renovating the Flint Parking Structure. The Facilities Committee has set up a sub-committee to investigate mitigation options. The sub-committee is meeting on Tuesdays 1:30 – 2:30 pm in the Plant Services Conference Room and faculty, staff and students are encouraged to attend.

The college is examining options regarding the disruptive and divisive behavior of a person who comes on to campus to share his opinions. 

Murphy is considering how to construct a public statement against the volatile bigotry of the presidential campaign within the boundaries of being a community college. He stated that this type of rhetoric stands in direct contraction to the mission, values and equity work of the college.

ACCJC alternatives are still being discussed. 

The Library will be having a celebratory grand opening in February. 

Website Redesign. An RFP was done together with Foothill to assist with the project and both colleges have selected the vendor “ VisionPoint”. Meetings will be scheduled to invite the campus to attend open sessions. The members decided that the vendor did not need to come to College Council to present. 


Bryant, Cheu, Cruz, Epps, Glapion, Hunter, Kandula, Markus, Murphy, Newell, Pape, Ranck, Spatafore, Subramanian, Trosper. Notes: Gibson

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