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November 29, 2018 DRAFT Notes

Approve the Notes from October 25, 2018 and November 1, 2018

The notes of October 25, 2018 and November 1, 2018 were approved.  

IPBT Budget Reductions – Football

The viability committee presented the Football program to IPBT for review and discussion. The impact to students was discussed and it was noted that the championship team is a huge draw for students.

As currently over 50% of the SERP Classified Staff are from De Anza, the IPBT recommended leveraging these potential savings in lieu of eliminating the Football program and giving the program the opportunity to implement the two proposed phases, after which the program would be re-assessed.   After phase I the budget would be reduced to $169k. After phase II the budget would be reduced to $103K. There would remain a cap on the football team roster. Mattis will join Football as a second coach for Fall. Football would need to raise an additional $5k per season for a total of $15k per year.

 This proposal was approved.

Campuswide B Budget Update

De Anza’s actual campuswide B Budget was $3.38M. Varela summarized the 2017/18 fund balance. Click here for the handout. Based on the original estimate, the College overspent by $500,000. Espinosa-Pieb clarified that “float” (money not spent on compensation for vacant positions) goes into B Budget.  The amount of float will be greatly diminished once vacant positions are eliminated as a result of the budget reductions.

Educational Master Plan

There are 18 key data elements identified with three separate goals: Click here for the handout. 1. Master Plan Goal (by 2021); 2. Aspirational Goal; 3. Standard set by Accreditation. We need a plan in place by May 2019 to align our metrics to the State’s Vision for Success.

The updated Master Plan includes a new Vision Statement, the IPBT and SLO work, and the annual governance assessment survey. These updates capture the planning that was done this year.   

Quality Focus Essay – 2017-2018 Summary of Progress

There are six action plans that arose from self-studies. Click here for the handout. From them, the College identified two action projects. These action projects include timelines, deadlines, and people’s assignments.

Smoking Policy

The Academic Senate presented an overview of the history of the no smoking program and drafted a new smoking policy* to present to the Chancellor’s Cabinet that would make the Campus entirely smoke free.

* Smoking Policy Suggestion 11/2018. Provisions.1.0 Each college will be 100% tobacco and smoke free. It will ensure that clear and consistent signage are displayed at all entrances to the campus, as well as other conspicuous locations, to notify the public that smoking is prohibited on the campus grounds and in campus buildings.11/26/18 approved by De Anza Academic Senate

The current smoking policy which was reviewed in 2012 limits smoking to designated areas only. 

The decision was made that more research should be conducted. 1)  how many citations are issued a quarter/year to smokers in the non-smoking areas? 2) how are the smoke free campuses implementing their policy and what effect has it had on their students?

Academic Senate should resubmit this item to College Council for further review once the aforementioned information has been gathered.

Quick News

De Anza Campus-Wide Holiday party will be held on Thursday, December 13, 2018.

Present: Chow, Espinosa-Pieb, Newell, LeBleu-Burns, Fayek, Robles, Englen, L. Maynard, Kandula, Cortez, Shively, Bliss, Grey, Spatafore, Ranck, Varela.

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