General Meeting Information

Date: May 15, 2018
Time: 3 - 5 p.m.
Location: ADM 109

  • Agenda

     Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    3:00-3:10 p.m. Approval of Notes 5/8/18 A Nguyen/Ranck
    3:10-3:45 p.m. Faculty Rankings for Two Additional Vacant Positions I/D Nguyen/Ranck
    3:45-4:20 p.m.

    Discussion of Reaffirmation of College Values/College Vision

    I/D Norte
    4:20-5:00 p.m. Continued discussion and review of programs D All

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

     Admin Reps Classified Reps Faculty Reps Student Reps
    • Christina Espinosa-Pieb, Co-Chair
    • Moaty Fayek
    • Coleen Lee-Wheat
    • Anita Muthyala-Kandula
    • Lorrie Ranck
    • Thomas Ray
    • Margaret Bdzil
    • Precious Gerardo
    • Lorna Maynard
    • Anu Khanna
    • Amy Leonard
    • Rick Maynard
    • James Nguyen, Co-Chair
    • Mary Pape
    • Erik Woodbury
    • Brandi Madison
    • Ian Robertsson


  • Minutes

    Meeting Items

    Administrative reps: Kandula, Ranck, Ray

    Faculty reps: Groseva, Leonard, Khanna, R. Maynard, Nguyen, Pape, Woodbury

    Classified reps: Bdzil, Gerardo, L. Maynard

    DASB reps: Ian Robertsson

    Absent: Cortez, Espinosa-Pieb, Fayek, Brandi Madison (DASB rep)

    Guests: Emma Bonasera (DASB), Randy Bryant, Mary Kay Englen, Elias Kamal (DASB), Dana Kennedy, Paul Klingman, Ethan Maneja (La Voz Staff Writer), Lisa Markus, Mallory Newell, Edmundo Nore, Alicia De Toro, Down Le Tu.

    Approval of notes:

    The notes from May 8, 2018 were approved with one clarification:

    1)   Espinosa-Pieb announced 5 “new” retirements as of June, 2018. They are CIS, BUS, English, ESL, MATH.

    Faculty Ranking for Two Additional Vacant Positions

    Postponed until the next meeting since all rankings were not received in time.

    Discussion of Reaffirmation of College Values/College Vision

    Norte presented a draft of “Reaffirmation of Our College Values: Holding to Our Equity Lens Through College and District Downsizing, April 2018”.

    The team reviewed and discussed the document. IPBT recommended adding more clarification to the draft i.e., reframe the language, add examples to the document.

    The document will be brought back for further review.

    Norte mentioned they would like to forward this document to the Board once it had been through the governance process.

    Continued Discussion and Review of Programs

    The goal is to make a decision on programs by the June 30, 2018 deadline.


    Ranck had met with the Athletic programs and shared some requests:

    • Athletics asked the IPBT to make recommendations regarding teams for Viability process.
    • Be mindful, might affect Kinesiology enrollment.

    IPBT requested more information regarding the programs’ cost to the Instruction.

    The team reviewed the Athletic programs and after an in-depth discussion voted to move selected teams to Viability.

    World Languages:

    IPBT engaged in reviewing World languages’ data.

    Motion has been made to send selected World languages to Viability. Motion approved by the body.

    Viability consideration does not mean a program will be discontinued.

    There are other actions that can be taken including: continuance, restructuring, suspension, discontinuance, merging etc.

    Good of the Order:

    • Nguyen confirmed 2 hours of IPBT meeting next week, May 22, 2018.
    • Meeting adjourn: 5:06 PM

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