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Date: March 7, 2023
Time: 10:00 - 11:25 am
Location: Zoom only

NOTE: This meeting will be ONLINE ONLY.  See the Zoom information at the bottom of this page.

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader


    Approval of Agenda and Minutes from Feb 28, 2023

    I/A Dennis
    10:05-10:15 CTE Committee Request A Erik with Randy Bryant

    Example Work on Resource Requests Analysis

    D Erik and Rob

    Reviewing Resource Requests and Developing Responses in Groups

    D Rob and Erik
    11:15-11:25 Reflections and Questions on Equipment Requests D Erik

    Today's desired actions/outcomes:

    1. Approve CTE requests for Perkins and Strong Workforce (SWP)
    2. Finish reviewing resource requests.

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Membership attendance

    • Remote: Erik Woodbury, Cheryl Jaeger Balm, Melinda Hughes, Thomas Ray, Jason Sousa, Eric Mendoza, Tim Shively, Rob Mieso, Felisa Vilaubi, Dennis Shannakian, Bidya Subedi, Tina Lockwood, Pam Grey, Erick Aragon, Michele LeBleu-Burns, Moaty Fayek, Andre Meggerson, Alicia Mullens, Javier Gomez-Tagle, Salvador Guerrero, 
    • Absent:  Wei Quan Lai,  Jessica Lukius, Izat Rasyad, Isaac Lim, Elvin Ramos, 

    Votes taken in today's meeting:

    1. Approved the items in the spreadsheet below that the CTE Committee identified at CTE eligible, so deans can start spending the CTE money that they were already allocated in the Fall. - passes unanimously 


    Agenda approved.  Minutes from 2/28/23 approved with one correction to the first item.

    CTE Committee Request

    Randy Bryant confirmed that the budget requests in the spreadsheet linked above will get the College through Fall 2023, and then new requests will be brought to RAPP.

    CTE budgets were already approved in the Fall.  Today RAPP is being asked to approve the resource request sheets so the approved CTE budgets can be spent on the requested items.  In columns O-S of the division tabs in the spreadsheet, the rows in gray need to be completed by RAPP, while the rows in white with a Y somewhere are eligible for SWP and/or Perkins funding, but that money hasn’t been allocated to them yet.  The ask today is to approve those white rows so that CTE can start allocating that money.

    CTE programs like Auto Tech try to get as much funding as they can from SWP and Perkins to leave as much money as possible in lottery and instructional equipment for other instructional divisions.  In the past, IPBT has looked at the program reviews and compared them to the Educatoinal Master Plan and equity metrics to determine what resource requests to approve.

    The CTE committee has done the work of identifying what items are eligible or SWP/Perkins, so RAPP can use this information in completing their group work of allocating funds.

    The funds in Tab 2 of the spreadsheet were allocated by IPBT in Fall because they had to be to meet State reporting deadlines.  Christina Espinosa-Pieb shared on screen what was approved last year for comparison. 

    CTE, lottery and instructional equipment spending must be approved by a shared governance body for accreditation; for De Anza that is RAPP and then College Council.  The accreditors will ask to see the minutes of the shared governance body that approved this spending.

    The CTE committee has looked both at the eligibility of items for certain funding sources and also vetted them with the people requesting them.  

    Today's action: Approve the items in the spreadsheet that the CTE Committee has identified at CTE eligible, so deans can start spending the CTE money that they were already allocated in the Fall.  Note that RAPP members, in allocating lottery and instructional equipment funds, will now know the total amount each division was given from SWP and Perkins and which individual items are SWP/Perkins eligible, but will not know when allocating additional funds which items the deans actually chose to fund from their allocated CTE money.  Approval passes unanimously.  

    Example Work on Resource Requests Analysis

    Line 28 in the BHES request sheet was completed and discussed as an example.  There was a long discussion of what level of detail these sheets should be scrutinized with.  In general, IPBT’s philosophy was to trust the discipline experts and really just look for what funds items are eligible for, and any major red flags.

    Reviewing Resource Requests and Developing Responses in Groups

    There was no time for group work during the meeting.

    ACTION NEEDED: Groups were asked to complete columns O-X in their assigned resourse request spreadsheets before next meeting.  Cheryl will create a shared Office 365 folder so groups can work on shared files.

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