Program Review Process



Program Review Flow ChartIn alignment with the committees charge to facilitate effective, efficient and timely program review, annual planning and budgeting processes for college programs and services, RAPP will guide the college in a cycle of program review in line with the college's overall planning cycle. Comprehensive program review will take place in fall 2023 with an annual reflection in fall 2024 and fall 2025 and a comprehensive program review again in fall 2026. Program review is an essential element of the College's ongoing institutional effectiveness process.

RAPP's program review process:

  • RAPP holds collegewide training on program review form and review process.
  • Instruction, student services and administrative services submit a comprehensive program review and corresponding annual review to RAPP on an annual basis within the specified planning cycle using the form developed for their particular area.
  • RAPP trains members on how to review and provide feedback on program review forms.
  • Departments/areas submit program review to RAPP.
  • RAPP provides feedback to the department on their program review submission.
  • Program review forms are used to inform ongoing resource allocations including instructional equipment and personnel requests.


Survey of Comprehensive Program Review Process, Spring 2024

 Comprehensive Program Review Forms

Program Review Training Slides, September 2023

* Instructional and academic services program review will be completed within the Program Review tool. To request access to the form for your department, please email the Institutional Research and Planning Office at

Program Review Feedback Form

 Annual Program Review Form


RAPP members developed a planning timeline (adopted spring 2023) for the 2023-24 academic year to guide program review, instructional equipment requests, personnel prioritization and more.

RAPP Timeline 2023-24

2023-24 Important Dates

RAPP approved the following dates for processes to take place in the 2023-24 academic year.

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