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Date: May 2, 2023
Time: 10am-11:25am
Location: MLC255

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  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader


    Welcome: Agenda & Minutes

    I/A Rob


    Discussion of Carryover Reallocation & Reserves

    D Erik


    Resource Request Form & Timeline:  
    Process for Next Year

    D Mallory & Erik


    Planning Calendar

    D Mallory


    Membership Terms and Term Limits



    Desired Outcomes:

    • Establish a policy for carryover funds still in pace after a year 
    • Idenitify amounts to be held in reserve for lottery, instrcutional equipment, and other funding sources 
    • Create Rough Draft of Planning Calendar

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    RAPP meeting minutes 5/2/23

    Membership Attendance:

    In-person: Nicholas Turangan, Izat Rasyad, Moaty Fayek, Tina Lockwood, Mallory Newell, Justin Fry, Erik Woodbury, Rob Mieso, Kate Wang, Adam Contreras, Salvador Guerrero, Thomas Ray

    Remote: Eric Mendoza, Bidya Subedi, Erick Aragon, Julie Hughes, Andre Meggerson, Pam Grey, Michele Lebleu-Burns, Felisa Vilaubi, Martin Varela, Debbie Lee, Melinda Hughes, Randy Bryant

    Absent: Jason Sousa, Javier Gomez-Tagle, Alicia Mullens

    10:00 am - Start: Welcome: Agenda & Minutes

    Agenda and 4/25/23 RAPP meeting minutes was approved.

    10:06am - Discussion of Carryover Reallocation & Reserves 

    Martin - shared the link in chat for the funds allocated for Instructional equipment.

    Tina asked - How long ago was this money allocated? Martin responded back in winter of 2022.

    Tim asked - All carryforward are one time funds? They’re not sustainable? Martin responded that these are specific for instructional equipment funds.

    Eric Mendoza in chat - Instead of “carry-forward,” perhaps the better term in the case is “roll-over.”

    Martin - in the link above explains what’s available for distribution:

    Total Unallocated Instructional Equipment Funding Inception to date

    ·      335,576.44

    Total unspent funds

    ·      66,580.00

    ·      55,579.25

    ·      1,792,463.02

    ·      Brings total to 1,914,622.27 of Allocated/Restricted Instructional Equipment funds.

    Martin - assured that they provide the links for the financial reports to administrative assistants and administrators on a monthly basis.  

    Mallory asked – What should the reserve be moving forward? Should they give money back over a certain amount of time? What this form should look like moving forward. When do we want to start this process. Erik commented that these questions will tie into the resource allocation form, the next item on the agenda.

    Tina added – regarding the 1.7, we need to look at what was requested, what hasn’t been spent and if those things are still needed or did, they move to the current list that we are looking at.

    Andre Meggerson in chat - What should be the reserve moving forward? Should the funds be returned to the pot when unspent?

    Christina added – In regard to software you cannot buy licenses or software directly from IE, it comes out of Lottery.

    Martin shared link to DeAnza financial reports. 

    Vins – has been working on a Resource Request list to keep track of what has been ordered and what has not been ordered very helpful.

    Moaty - thinks we should have a read only document for this information.

    Erik – said that we should have a review process, Rob agreed.

    We will continue conversation on this subject next week.

    10:37am - Resource Request Form & Timeline:  Process for Next Year 

    Resource Request Form an example from IPBT we don’t have to stick with this form we can create a new one.

    1.     What information do we want?

    2.     When do we want the information?

    3.     What Department is asking.

    4.     What the item is?

    5.     How much does it cost?

    6.     Do we still want the critical need and desirable classification, are those the labels that we want?

    Rob suggested - a 1 to 5 ranking 5 being the highest 1 being the lowest.

    Vins suggest - Somehow, we need to categorize the improvements for STE programs. The department cannot run without this equipment.

    Tina added - We need to define the difference about maintaining the program and supporting the program in this form.

    Mallory added - If we want to get the main ideas of what we are looking for she would volunteer and volunteer Moaty to help go through this form and bring back a draft so we could get the broad ideas of what we would like to include. Example we want to ask departments to reflect on their request from the prior year, to indicate what was purchased and what was not purchased and why not.

    Moaty -We need to create a culture where we are more open to getting funding to departments. A culture of responsibilities.

    Tina - is there value in changing how we are listing what we need in total, we know we need a upgrade section, we know we have needs of critical and desire. Maybe if we have 4 different combination words to express what departments are asking for in purchases:

    ·       Needed.

    ·       desired.

    ·       maintenance.

    ·       upgrade.

    Moaty Mallory and Tina will help on this form. We will continue conversation next meeting

    10:59am Planning Calendar: 

    Mallory – conversation around a planning calendar Program Review?

    Erik - Faculty run out of steam by the end of the year, Erik is suggesting doing this during the fall. People might have more energy to commit to this. Start around opening day gives people the rest of the academic year to review it submitted by the end of the fall quarter.

    Moaty- would like to know what was allocated by the early fall or early winter so he can start forming committees.

    Mallory – if we had personnel hiring for fall and program review in the fall, all the forms would need to be submitted by the Fall so they can start their hiring committees in the winter.

    Salvador – start program review in the fall and then give feedback to the departments, in the winter they can resubmit or address the feedback. RAPP makes final decision in winter then hiring and start in the spring.

    Eric Mendoza in chat asked - Will RAPP be involved in administration-level positions?

    Christina added - the fall is tough to hire the spring is difficult to hire for the deans. If we started the process in the spring, you could use it in the fall to make decision by December.

    Tim - maybe we need to move towards ranking the level of need for future hires. If we were to do the process of ranking the program reviews in RAPP during the winter or early spring, to have everything done in winter and ranked so they can better determine hiring.

    Tina asked for clarification - the program review informs who we need to hire and what we need to buy. Mallory answered correct.

    11:25 Membership Terms and Term Limits 

    RAPP governance handbook

    Mallory asked for voting members to go back to their constitute groups and figure out when the voting members term in June ends for RAPP members.

    Meeting Ends 11:26 am.

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