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Date: May 23, 2023
Time: 10-11:25am
Location: MLC255

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  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    10-10:05 Welcome Agenda & Minutes I/D Mallory
    10:05-10:15 Covid Recovery Block Grant  I Pam
    10:15-11:25 Workgroups for Hiring Prioritization (remainder)  I/D Erik, Rob, Mallory

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  • Minutes

    Rapp meeting minutes 5/23/23

    Membership attendance:

    Remote: Eric Mendoza, Erick Aragon, Julie Hughes, Andre Meggerson, Pam Grey, Michele Lebleu-Burns, Felisa Vilaubi, Alicia Mullens, Melinda Hughes, Moaty Fayek, Tina Lockwood, Mallory Newell, Erik Woodbury, Rob Mieso, Adam Contreras, Salvador Guerrero, Thomas Ray, Jason Sousa, Javier Gomez-Tagle, Justin Fry, Izat Rasyad, Kate Wang, Nicholas Turangan, Bidya Subedi, Debbie Lee

    Absent: Randy Bryant, Martin Varela

    10:00am - Start: Welcome Agenda & Minutes

    Agenda and Minutes from the 5/16/23 meeting was approved.

    10:05am - Covid Recovery Block Grant : Pam

    Pam ā€“ The Covid Recovery Block Grant was issued from the state it was originally in the budget as the district getting 16 a little over 16 million dollars. In the May revise it's been cut in half. So the estimated amount that the district will receive is between 7 and 8 million dollars. So It's very pescriptive on what we can use the dollars for. Pam is coming to RAPP because we need to put together a plan on what we would want to use this funding for. Do we want to do a subcommittee. To come up with a list of things that DeAnza would want to use and then a dollar amount. Then Pam can present it at Business Managers meeting they typically meet every Wednesday.

    Mallory - When's the timeline that you need to have this submitted by? Pam said Susan wanted it today, Pam said I would say in the next couple of weeks.

    Moaty - I think it would be nice to know what other grants we have. And what's its spent on? I know there is several grants we have that support tutoring and internships and things like that. If we have a list of those, it can help us make a decision. As to where to invest. Maybe we are over investing in one area and neglecting others. by doing so you can have, we can have a clear picture of where we can invest.

    Eric in the chat - Is that a 60/40 split between DA and FH or based on need per campus? Pam responded - Not purposed that it is split.

    Tina - Iā€™m assuming in this document; it gives us the rules about what we can and cannot spend it on. How long does this last?

    Pam responded ā€“ we are looking at a 5-year plan. Currently there's no deadline. The only restriction, other than what's in the document it can't be tied to salaries. Salary is ongoing funding and this is one time. We are not going to be receiving this grant year after year. It's one time money.

    Tina - Are we allowed to make changes over the over the 5 years?

    Erik - this is a funding request, correct?

    Pam - Correct. Yeah, and then I'll take that to business managers, Foothill and Central services is doing the same.

    Rob - Was thinking to try to get a list of allowable requests that fit into these guidelines for this grant. What if we send these out college wide to managers to review the guidelines and submit requests from their areas that they feel fit into this and the needs that they have. That could come to the budget committee.

    Debbie - Maybe we need some type of budget request form with the guidelines on there.

    Pam - will send the guidance and instructions to the VPs of the areas. For us to work with the deans and managers to collect the information.

    10:15am Workgroups for Hiring Prioritization (remainder) 

    Eric ā€“ Mallory sent out criteria and review process last week.  We had 56 position requests come in and we split everybody into 8 groups of 3 people each, each group needs to review 14 positions. Main reason every position gets reviewed twice (2 different groups).

    Mallory - Need to have this back by Monday at 12 noon. All groups have set up meetings on their own to review the positions since there was not enough time in this meeting.

    10:43-11:25am joined break out rooms.

    11:25am end of meeting.

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