Responses to 2020 Survey

  • Group name: Campus Failities Committee
  • Group chair: Pam Grey
  • Discussion date: June 20, 2020

Members participating: Carol Cini

Guests participating: Discussed with other faculty, staff, and students who attended Campus Facilities Committee meetings in May 2020 and June 2020.

Questions and Responses

Question 1: What do you believe works well about the current governance system? Please list.


Calendar with meeting dates on website for Campus Facilities Committee is helpful. List of committee members on website is also helpful.

Question 2: What do you believe does not work well about the current governance system? Please list.


A) Due to projected upcoming bond spending (Measure G) with regard to construction and campus facilities, it is recommended to increase the official faculty representation and official student representation on the Campus Facilities Committee; doing so would allow for more faculty voices and student voices to be involved in shared governance concerning the impact on the instructional process and student services in relation to buildings and grounds and future construction. Current representation on the Campus Facilities Committee is: 2 faculty, 3 staff, and 1 student. It is recommended to increase representation to: 3 faculty, 3 staff, and 2 students.

B) There are some process issues with regard to communication and the minutes of the Campus Facilities Committee meetings, issues which are parallel to those raised recently at College Council concerning the shared governance process at the college.

Question 3: Ideally, how would governance groups and processes be structured at De Anza? How would this work in practice? Please provide a summary.


Please see #2, above, with regard to the Campus Facilities Committee.

Question 4: In the ideal structure you suggested above, how would members of the governance groups be selected? Please provide a summary.


It is recommended that committee members at De Anza College continue to be appointed through each relevant elected Senate body: -- faculty (Academic Senate), staff (Classified Senate), and students (DASB), and with continued representation from collective bargaining units.

Question 5: All other recommendations and comments


(None submitted)

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